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last changeWed, 7 Oct 2015 09:23:52 +0000 (12:23 +0300)
3 hours ago Lisnichenko... AMBARI-13223. AMS Collector does not start (dlysnichenko) trunk
3 hours ago Oleg NechiporenkoAMBARI-13332. User Timezone setting fixes (onechiporenko)
3 hours ago aBabiichukAMBARI-13333 Devdeploy:Change in property at Customize...
3 hours ago Robert LevasAMBARI-13304. Add security-related HTTP headers to...
3 hours ago Alex AntonenkoAMBARI-13331. Allow user to customize time period for...
11 hours ago Jaimin JetlyAMBARI-13329. Test connection button for Ranger privile...
19 hours ago Alex AntonenkoAMBARI-13211. Host checks does not report all errors...
22 hours ago aBabiichukAMBARI-13323 JDBC connection string for Ranger does...
24 hours ago Andrew OnishukAMBARI-13322. Should not log "unable to get latest...
25 hours ago Andrew OnishukAMBARI-13321. Oozie Alert Fails In Kerberized Environme...
25 hours ago Aleksandr KovalenkoAMBARI-13319. Flume summary: there are no hosts after...
26 hours ago Andrew OnishukAMBARI-13318. Issue with "Memory allocated for all...
28 hours ago Andrii TkachAMBARI-13317 API call to load Host Component links...
28 hours ago Oleg NechiporenkoAMBARI-13308. Config Versions list isn't updated while...
39 hours ago Andrew OnishukAMBARI-13242. AMBARI-13242: ambari-server setup failed...
42 hours ago Lisnichenko... AMBARI-13297. change nimbus.monitor.freq.secs=120 in...
5 days ago release-2.1.2 Ambari 2.1.2
8 days ago release-2.1.2-rc3 Ambari 2.1.2 RC3
11 days ago release-2.1.2-rc2 Ambari 2.1.2 RC2
12 days ago release-2.1.2-rc1 Ambari 2.1.2 RC1
13 days ago release-2.1.2-rc0 Ambari 2.1.2 RC0
5 weeks ago release-2.1.1 Ambari 2.1.1
6 weeks ago release-2.1.1-rc0 Ambari 2.1.1 RC0
8 weeks ago release-2.0.2 Ambari 2.0.2
2 months ago release-2.0.2-rc2 Ambari 2.0.2 RC2
2 months ago release-2.0.2-rc1 Ambari 2.0.2 RC1
2 months ago release-2.0.2-rc0 Ambari 2.0.2 RC0
2 months ago release-2.1.0 Ambari 2.1.0
2 months ago release-2.1.0-rc1 Ambari 2.1.0 RC1
2 months ago release-2.1.0-rc0 Ambari 2.1.0 RC0
4 months ago release-2.0.1-rc0 Apache Ambari 2.0.1 RC0
5 months ago release-2.0.0 Ambari 2.0.0
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