2017-03-15  Justin McleanMerge branch 'release4.16.0' master
2017-03-05  Justin Mcleanupdate version release4.16.0 apache-flex-sdk-4.16.0 apache-flex-sdk-4.16.0RC3
2017-03-05  Justin Mcleanupdate version and remove duplicate air line
2017-02-16  Alex Haruifix download cache
2017-02-16  Justin McleanHard code saxon jar name so ant scripts work
2017-02-11  Justin McleanFixed downlaod ant script to copy saxon9 notices apache-flex-sdk-4.16.0RC2
2017-02-11  Justin McleanAdded saxon9 notice files as we can no longer easily...
2017-02-11  Justin McleanFix 3rd party download issues
2017-01-12  Mihai ChiraFLEX-35149 updating release notes with fix for FLEX...
2017-01-12  Mihai ChiraFLEX-27509
2017-01-10  Justin McleanMerge branch 'release4.16.0' of https://git-wip-us...
2017-01-10  Justin McleanFix regression issue. Turns out LabelUtil.itemToLabel...
2017-01-09  Alex Haruidon't run jar checks on Windows
2017-01-06  Justin McleanUpdate year to 2017
2017-01-06  Justin McleanUpdate year to 2017
2017-01-06  Justin McleanUpdate year to 2017
2017-01-06  Justin McleanUpdate year to 2017
2017-01-06  Justin McleanUpdate year to 2017
2016-12-19  Alex Haruiuse raw so we don't have to deal with redirects from...
2016-12-19  Justin McleanAdded no browse option to top finder from popping up
2016-12-18  Justin McleanCopy contents of directory rather than directory
2016-12-18  Justin McleanAdded support for FP 24.0
2016-12-18  Justin Mcleanupdate to mention support for AIR/Flash 24.0
2016-12-18  Justin McleanAdded support for AIR and flash player 24.0
2016-12-18  Alex Haruitry to fix install
2016-12-18  Alex Haruidownload using ant vars
2016-12-18  Alex Haruifix a few things
2016-12-18  Justin McleanChanged saxon download link to one that works
2016-12-13  OmPrakash MuppiralaBring back loading installer config from flex.apache...
2016-12-12  Om MuppiralaEnsure Ant 1.7 behavior apache-flex-sdk-4.16.0RC1
2016-12-12  Om MuppiralaAdd support for Adobe AIR SDK 24+ which are being serve...
2016-12-05  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2016-11-22  Alex Haruihide asc classes
2016-11-22  Alex Haruididn't mean to commit that file
2016-11-22  Alex HaruiFLEX-35084 add -broker-local-connection and -broker...
2016-11-10  Justin Mcleanupdate hash
2016-11-09  Mihai ChiraMerge branch 'develop' into release4.16.0
2016-11-09  Mihai ChiraFLEX-34880
2016-11-09  Mihai ChiraMerge branch 'develop' into release4.16.0
2016-11-09  Mihai ChiraRevert FLEX-34880 part 3
2016-11-09  Mihai ChiraRevert FLEX-34880 part 2
2016-11-09  Mihai ChiraRevert FLEX-34880 part 1
2016-11-08  Justin McleanMerge branch 'release4.16.0' of https://git-wip-us...
2016-11-08  Justin McleanDoesn't always like https link - may be mirror dependant?
2016-11-08  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2016-11-08  Justin McleanFLEX-34811 allow apostrophe in user name part of email...
2016-11-08  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2016-11-07  Justin McleanFLEX-34738 Fix BusyIndicator so the skin / timer is...
2016-11-07  ok-at-githubUpdate RELEASE_NOTES
2016-11-07  ok-at-githubFLEX-35122: Update to FontAwesome 4.7
2016-11-07  Justin McleanMerge commit '0b5a634dabb00c04a492a08375e29c6885c1486f...
2016-11-06  Mihai ChiraFLEX-34880
2016-11-06  Mihai ChiraFLEX-34880
2016-11-06  Mihai ChiraFLEX-34880
2016-11-06  Justin Mcleanremove moved warning by changing path to https
2016-11-06  Justin Mcleanremove moved warning by changing path to https
2016-11-06  Justin Mcleanfix a couple of Java doc issues
2016-11-06  Justin Mcleanfix as docs issue with mismatched tags
2016-11-03  Justin Mcleanupdate release notes
2016-11-03  Justin McleanFLEX-35123 Fix DOM XSS vulnerability for very old versi...
2016-11-03  Justin McleanFLEX-35165 Remove texen test directory due to incompati...
2016-11-03  Justin McleanAdd initial release notes for 4.16
2016-11-03  Justin McleanAdd contributors for 4.16
2016-11-02  Justin McleanAdd new Flash Player versions.
2016-11-02  Justin McleanAdd more recent versions
2016-11-02  Justin McleanChanged download path and hashes
2016-11-02  Justin McleanAdded new versions and changed download path from http...
2016-11-02  Justin McleanAdd new Flash and AIR versions
2016-11-02  Justin McleanUpdate version number
2016-10-25  Alex Haruiuse flex download cache if downloads fail
2016-09-19  Mihai ChiraFLEX-26808 Increased a test function's timeout and...
2016-09-19  Mihai ChiraFLEX-34088 Using addChild instead of addElement for...
2016-09-19  Mihai ChiraFLEX-35126 Added a unit test to reprouce the bug. Curre...
2016-09-19  Mihai ChiraFLEX-35126 Removing unused variables, making elligible...
2016-09-12  neminovnoFix typo
2016-09-09  Mihai ChiraFLEX-34088 The fix for this bug became superfluous...
2016-09-09  Mihai ChiraFLEX-34088 Added unit test to reproduce the bug. Curren...
2016-09-07  greg-doveTest commit
2016-08-24  Alex Haruifix issues found by Falcon's resolver. Unlike MXMLC...
2016-08-18  Mihai ChiraFLEX-33311 Replacing all UIImpersonator.addElement...
2016-08-17  Mihai ChiraFLEX-33311
2016-08-17  Mihai ChiraFLEX-33311 Adding unit test to reproduce the bug. Curre...
2016-08-17  Mihai ChiraFLEX-33311 Correcting some typos in the asdoc.
2016-07-24  yishaywTesting
2016-07-06  Justin McleanFLEX-35106 fixed June and July abbreviations for French...
2016-05-09  ok-at-githubFirst test commit by okrueger
2016-04-28  Mark KesslerFLEX-35082: Changed the way regex was being used to...
2016-04-19  Mihai ChiraFLEX-31948
2016-04-18  Mihai ChiraFLEX-31948
2016-03-31  Mihai ChiraFLEX-35043 FLEX-34879
2016-03-31  Mihai ChiraFLEX-35043
2016-03-31  Mihai ChiraFLEX-26808
2016-03-30  Justin McleanFLEX-34926 fixed misplaced [PercentProxy] metatag
2016-03-30  Justin McleanFLEX-35028 stop RTE when clicking on DG header
2016-03-30  Justin McleanFLEX-35042 correct minor issue in docs
2016-03-30  Justin McleanFLEX-35046 changed icon to be font weight normal
2016-03-30  Justin McleanFLEX-35056 Fix RTE when pressing escape
2016-03-23  Mihai ChiraFLEX-26808
2016-03-23  Mihai ChiraFLEX-34837
2016-03-23  Mihai ChiraFLEX-26808