descriptionApache Isis
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 17 Jun 2017 10:07:49 +0000 (11:07 +0100)
6 days ago  Dan HaywoodISIS-1613: fixes for prompt style when .layout.json... master
2017-06-05  Dan HaywoodISIS-1521: further minor tidy up of simpleapp archetype
2017-06-05  Dan HaywoodISIS-1521: cleans up the simpleapp archetype, adds...
2017-06-02  Dan HaywoodISIS-1633: fixes to UI, for reference panel and boolean...
2017-06-02  Dan HaywoodISIS-1633: adds support for INLINE_AS_IF_EDIT prompt...
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1613: fixes for CSS of dropdowns
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1592: fixes unit tests
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1613: no-arg actions no longer prompt (if inline)
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1613: action defaults are now honoured for inline...
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1613: uses small checkboxes for table view (large...
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1613: standardizes the 'mandatory' CSS for fields...
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1592: updates docs
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1394: updates docs for optional fieldset
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1592: extends ixn.xsd and cmd.xsd
2017-06-01  Dan HaywoodISIS-1394: fieldset#name now optional so can suppress...
2017-05-29  Dan HaywoodISIS-1613: ok, dynamic icon and also reference working...
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