descriptionApache Accumulo Testing Suites
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 6 Feb 2017 20:55:26 +0000 (15:55 -0500)
2017-02-06  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4581 Fixing several bugs in agitator scripts master
2017-02-01  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4579 Fixed hadoop config bug in accumulo-testing
2017-01-25  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4510 Added java formatter maven plugin
2017-01-25  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4510 Moved remaining external test code from...
2017-01-25  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4510 Refactored Continous Ingest tests
2017-01-11  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4510 Moved continuous ingest code from Accumul...
2017-01-10  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4566 Update logging to use slf4j
2017-01-09  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4510 Updates to make old RW tests run in YARN
2017-01-09  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4510 Created 'accumulo-testing' command
2017-01-03  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4510 Adding Randomwalk code from Accumulo
2016-12-21  Mike WalchAdded LICENSE, NOTICE &
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