2019-01-25  Timothy BishNO-JIRA Update project pom with latest gitbox repo... master
2019-01-24  Timothy BishNO-JIRA Update project notice file with correct year
2019-01-24  Timothy BishNO-JIRA Add release notes for 3.9.5
2019-01-24  Timothy BishNO-JIRA Add notes for past 3.9.4 release
2019-01-24  Roddie KieleyAMQCPP-643: Added connection.connectionResponseTimeout...
2018-12-07  jgoodyear[AMQCPP-619] Replace tabs with single spaces
2018-12-07  jgoodyear[AMQCPP-619] Support for SSL wilcard certificate. Thank...
2018-01-22  Timothy BishAMQCPP-623 AMQCPP-622 Fix OpenSSL issues
2017-02-14  Timothy Bish
2017-02-08  Timothy Bish
2017-02-07  Timothy Bish
2016-05-31  Timothy Bish
2016-04-06  Timothy Bish
2016-03-24  Timothy BishUpdate release notes on master.
2016-03-17  Timothy Bish
2016-03-17  Timothy Bish
2016-02-02  Timothy Bishupdate master release notes.
2015-12-21  Timothy Bish
2015-11-30  Timothy BishUpdate project files for new tests
2015-11-30  Timothy BishAdd release notes for 3.9.1
2015-11-30  Timothy Bish
2015-11-23  Timothy Bish
2015-09-23  Timothy Bish
2015-08-11  Timothy Bishsmall fix to the assembly descriptor so that the config...
2015-08-07  Timothy BishFix a few more sign conversion warnings.
2015-08-06  Timothy Bishmove master on to the next version
2015-08-06  Timothy Bishpom file cleanup
2015-08-06  Timothy BishUpdate the Doxygen config file for compatibility with...
2015-08-06  Timothy BishFix a number of warnings in the docs that get shown...
2015-08-05  Timothy BishFreshen up the README a bit.
2015-08-05  Timothy BishFill in the release notes for v3.9.0
2015-08-05  Timothy BishFix some documentation generation issues.
2015-08-05  Timothy BishFormatting cleanup.
2015-08-05  Timothy BishMissed one warning.
2015-08-05  Timothy Bishsome additional fixes for warnings and incorrect error...
2015-08-05  Timothy BishFix some more issues found on Mac builds.
2015-08-04  Timothy Bishanother round of warnings fixes.
2015-08-04  Timothy BishClean up a number of warnings that are showing up on...
2015-08-04  Timothy BishFix some warnings.
2015-08-04  Timothy BishFix some more warnings.
2015-08-04  Timothy BishFix some warnings.
2015-08-04  Timothy BishClean up some formatting, fix a couple warnings.
2015-08-03  Timothy BishClean up some old code.
2015-08-03  Timothy BishUpdate the values of last delivered sequence defaults...
2015-08-03  Timothy BishClean up a bit
2015-08-03  Timothy Bish
2015-07-30  Timothy Bish
2015-07-30  Timothy BishClean up a bit
2015-07-30  Timothy BishFix and enable some more tests
2015-07-29  Timothy Bish
2015-07-29  Timothy BishFormatting cleanup
2015-07-29  Timothy BishSome formatting fixes
2015-07-29  Timothy Bishpopulate the rollback cause message in the error value...
2015-07-29  Timothy BishEnable more tests now that they are all passing.
2015-07-29  Timothy Bishfix a memory leak
2015-07-29  Timothy Bish
2015-07-28  Timothy BishClean up some formatting.
2015-07-28  Timothy Bish
2015-07-28  Timothy Bish
2015-07-28  Timothy Bish
2015-07-28  Timothy Bish
2015-07-28  Timothy Bish
2015-07-27  Timothy Bish
2015-07-27  Timothy BishAdd some assert messages and clean up some formatting.
2015-07-17  Timothy Bish
2015-07-17  Timothy Bishremove some print statements that got left in.
2015-07-17  Timothy Bish
2015-07-16  Timothy Bish
2015-07-15  Timothy Bish
2015-07-14  Timothy Bish
2015-07-14  Timothy Bish
2015-07-14  Timothy Bish
2015-07-13  Timothy BishRemove old vs2008 project files as they are no longer...
2015-07-13  Timothy BishUpdate project to allow builds on windows again.
2015-07-13  Timothy BishSeveral fixes for warnings that show up in newer GCC...
2015-07-13  Timothy BishAdd another variety of the QueueBrowser close test.
2015-07-10  Timothy BishClean up a bit, fix some spelling error in the docs.
2015-07-10  Timothy BishAdd latest fixes to changelog.
2015-07-10  Timothy BishRemove reference to old project from solution and updat...
2015-07-10  Timothy Bish
2015-07-10  Timothy Bishdisable bad tests for now.
2015-07-10  Timothy Bish
2015-07-10  Timothy BishAdd m2e settings to ingore in eclipse.
2015-07-10  Timothy BishUpdate build tools with newer versions for dependencies.
2015-03-11  Timothy Bish
2015-03-04  Timothy Bish
2015-03-04  Timothy BishUpdate to reflect 3.8.4 release notes.
2015-02-13  Timothy Bish
2015-01-29  Timothy BishApply patch from:
2015-01-09  Timothy Bish
2014-12-01  Timothy Bish
2014-08-22  Timothy Bish
2014-08-21  Timothy BishFix the inheritance hierarchy of these tests.
2014-08-21  Timothy Bish
2014-08-20  Timothy Bish
2014-08-14  Timothy Bish
2014-08-14  Timothy Bish
2014-08-06  Timothy BishClean up a bit, remove unneeded int temporary.
2014-08-05  Timothy Bish
2014-07-11  Timothy BishUpdated release notes.