2016-02-10  Timothy BishDisable website generation for now. main
2016-02-05  Timothy BishOPENWIRE-12 Remove dependency on HawtBuf and replace...
2015-12-04  Timothy Bish
2015-12-01  Timothy BishOPENWIRE-19
2015-10-26  Timothy BishNO-JIRA remove git ignore file.
2015-10-26  Timothy BishNO-JIRA Remove the JMS module as it is not needed for...
2015-10-24  Timothy Bish
2015-10-22  Timothy BishOPENWIRE-7 Add the single v11 feild addition for subscr...
2015-10-22  Timothy BishNO-JIRA Bring project dependencies up to date with...
2015-10-22  Christopher...
2015-07-14  Timothy BishOPENWIRE-4 test for svngit2jira
2015-07-14  Timothy BishOPENWIRE-4 test for svngit2jira
2014-08-14  Timothy Bishadd some more to dependency management.
2014-08-12  Timothy Bish
2014-07-30  Timothy BishUse the latest Apache POM
2014-07-24  Timothy Bish
2014-07-22  Timothy BishAdd project git ignore file.
2014-07-22  Timothy BishAdd project required license and notices.
2014-07-22  Timothy BishAdd initial README file