2019-03-29  Fokko DriesprongRemove incubator from the README master
2018-09-27  Kaxil NaikMerge pull request #3 from johnhofman/feature/add-make
2018-09-27  John HofmanAdd make 3/head
2018-09-25  Fokko DriesprongMerge pull request #2 from holdenk/install-some-require...
2018-09-25  Holden KarauAlso install with pip3 2/head
2018-09-25  Holden KarauAllow ADDITIONAL_PATH to be set
2018-09-21  Holden KarauUse -H for sudo
2018-09-21  Holden KarauInstall some Python requirements for supporting local...
2018-09-21  Fokko DriesprongMerge pull request #1 from seelmann/improve-for-local...
2018-09-16  Stefan SeelmannImprove Docker image for local development 1/head
2018-09-06  Sid Anandminor change
2018-08-19  Fokko DriesprongElaborate in the README
2018-08-19  Fokko DriesprongCleanup repo to start with a minimal example
2018-06-19  Gerardo CurielAdd hive bin dir to path
2018-06-10  Gerardo CurielAdd python3 support libraries and stop installing tox
2018-05-30  Gerardo CurielAdd sasl2 libraries for HiveServer2 authentication
2018-05-29  Gerardo CurielSet up workdir
2018-05-29  Gerardo CurielUse `airflow` as default user
2018-05-21  Gerardo CurielAdd python3 development headers
2018-05-20  Gerardo CurielInstall g++
2018-05-20  Gerardo CurielInstall gcc and python-dev
2018-05-20  Gerardo CurielPython 3
2018-05-20  Gerardo CurielFix command format
2018-05-20  Gerardo CurielFix hive dir permissions
2018-05-20  Gerardo CurielAdd python support libraries
2018-05-20  Gerardo CurielOptimize image size
2018-05-20  Gerardo CurielSet JAVA_HOME
2018-05-19  Gerardo CurielInstall openssh-server
2018-05-19  Gerardo CurielCreate folders recursively
2018-05-19  Gerardo CurielSyntax fix
2018-05-18  Gerardo CurielInstall Hadoop, Hive and MiniCluster
2018-05-17  Gerardo CurielSet up locale
2018-05-12  Gerardo CurielRemove krb5 services from base image
2018-05-12  Gerardo CurielInstall sudo
2018-05-02  Gerardo CurielAdd unzip
2018-05-02  Gerardo CurielAdd krb libraries and services
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielFix ci script indentation
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielPass --user flag to pip
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielFix local image name
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielFix pip issue
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielDisable apt-get prompt
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielRemove krb-kdc
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielNo servers
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielRemove mysql server
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielUpdate MySQL version
2018-05-01  Gerardo CurielInitial commit