2021-09-08  Jarek PotiukBumped version to 1.2.6 master v1.2.6
2021-09-08  Emmanuel BavouxRemove depreacted use2to3 option from
2016-05-09  Patrick UiterwijkDisable autocommit in example
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkBump version to 1.2.5
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkFix some pep8 issues
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkUpdate ChangeLog for base64
2015-09-14  Patrick SteeleAdded base64 encoding to session data.
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkUpdate changelog
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkFix url_quote import path
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkMerge pull request #42 from yuvallanger/patch-1
2015-02-19  Yuval LangerAdding missing `be`
2014-12-05  Patrick UiterwijkAdded support for immediate mode requests. [Patrick...
2014-10-24  Patrick UiterwijkSupport using the url_root as trust_root. [Patrick...
2014-10-08  Patrick UiterwijkBump versions already for 1.2.4
2014-10-08  Patrick UiterwijkUse the tuple-method for version_info everywhere
2014-10-08  Patrick UiterwijkFix compatibility issue introduced in 1.2.2 for python<2.7
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkSet +x on
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkAdd shebang to example to make it easier to run
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkBump version post-release
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkMake the check for string types also work on Python 3.
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkSeems 1.2.2 was actually never released.
2014-10-06  Patrick UiterwijkMake OpenID errors a bit more descriptive.
2014-10-06  Patrick UiterwijkMake it easier to run the example by creating the table...
2014-04-26  Patrick UiterwijkRelease 1.2.2
2014-04-26  evgenfix AttributeError for python 3
2014-01-26  Patrick UiterwijkBump version to 1.2.1
2014-01-26  Patrick UiterwijkAdd changelog entries
2014-01-26  Patrick UiterwijkMerge pull request #29 from kamn/master
2014-01-26  Patrick UiterwijkMerge pull request #28 from fly/py3ify-setup
2014-01-25  KamnNoticed that if debug is enabled ask_for_optional is...
2014-01-25  Jon Chenuse print() in for py3 goodness
2014-01-22  Patrick UiterwijkFix an indent for docs generation
2014-01-22  Patrick UiterwijkBump version
2014-01-22  Patrick UiterwijkAdd Patrick as author
2014-01-22  Patrick UiterwijkMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-22  Patrick UiterwijkMake the default be None, to avoid some weird issues...
2014-01-22  Patrick UiterwijkMerge pull request #26 from pypingou/lower_flask_req
2014-01-22  Pierre-Yves... Adjust the Flask version required according to the...
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkAdd info about the OpenID logo usage license.
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkDocument safe_roots and extensions
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkAdd PAPE extension as example
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkUpdate extensions to prefer to use ns_alias as name
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkMake the extensions API easier to use by accepting...
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkRemove retained debug message
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkAdds a feature where applications can define which...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkError out of if the docs/_themes submodule...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkAdd extensions support to ChangeLog and fix a bug where...
2014-01-17  Pierre-Yves... Sometime the OpenID server sends back information using...
2014-01-17  Pierre-Yves... Add support for OpenID extension.
2014-01-17  Patrick Uiterwijktry_login optional param "extension_args". Allows addin...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkAdd changelog
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkAdd ask_for_optional, giving the option to mark specifi...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkFix pickle.loads crashing on non-ASCII chars.
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkIgnore the build directory as well
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkAdd support for python 3 by requiring python3-openid...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkFixes the inclusion name in documentation and examples...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkSmall typo fix in documentation.
2012-10-07  Armin RonacherBumped version
2012-10-07  Armin RonacherAdded a hack to make it work with non-pickle based...
2012-10-07  Armin RonacherUpdated an import in the examples
2012-10-07  Armin RonacherDon't lie about lack of tests
2012-10-07  Armin RonacherRemoved unused imports
2012-10-07  Armin RonacherRenamed module to flask_openid
2012-01-18  Armin RonacherAdded README for the example. Refs #8
2011-01-07  andy wilsontypo fix in Responding to Successful Logins section
2010-12-06  Armin RonacherAdded self. This fixes #3
2010-09-03  Matt Swansonfixed typo in context variable in documentation example
2010-07-25  Armin RonacherFixed a typo in the docs
2010-07-23  Armin RonacherAdded makefile
2010-07-23  Armin RonacherUpdated submodule
2010-07-17  Armin Ronacher1.0.1 release for improved packaging
2010-07-17  Priit LaesRemove empty from example
2010-07-17  Priit LaesMinor grammar fixes in example
2010-07-17  Priit LaesAdded
2010-07-17  Priit LaesAdded LICENSE
2010-07-13  Armin RonacherAdded a couple of missing selfs
2010-06-21  Armin RonacherAdded support for configurations
2010-05-07  Armin RonacherAdded submodule for themes
2010-05-07  Armin RonacherRemoved theme, theme is no refactored for general usage.
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherAdded missing png
2010-05-06  Armin Ronachertagged 0.9.1
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherRemoved build folder from repo, fixed a bug with AX...
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherAded link to README
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherAdded and .cfg
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherDocumented COMMON_PROVIDERS
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherAdded readme
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherInitial commit of refactored simpleopenid module.