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last changeMon, 13 Feb 2017 20:03:39 +0000 (15:03 -0500)
10 days ago  Dave Brondsemaupdate Pypeline for .rst XSS fix master
13 days ago  Dave Brondsema[#8144] correct ordering for commits in feed/mail notif... db/8144
2017-02-06  Dave Brondsema[#8143] avoid trailing commas in srcset
2017-02-06  Dave Brondsema[#8143] hi-res neighborhood icons; adjust to share...
2017-02-06  Dave Brondsema[#8143] hi-res user icons, including gravatar
2017-02-06  Dave Brondsema[#8143] refactor icon-saving logic into method; use...
2017-02-06  Dave Brondsema[#8143] use the hi-res logos from HTML
2017-02-06  Dave Brondsema[#8143] better transparency check, so thumbnails preser...
2017-02-06  Dave Brondsema[#8143] better upload dialogs
2017-02-06  Dave Brondsema[#8143] Upload & serve hi-res logos
2017-02-02  Dave BrondsemaUpdate link to SVN patch for recursive repos
2017-01-27  Kenton Taylor[#6016] Fix validation on personal website form
2017-01-27  Kenton Taylor[#7232] Fixes moderation links to paginated artifacts...
2017-01-27  Kenton Taylor[#7232] Fixes moderation queue linking to post replies
2017-01-26  Dave BrondsemaAllow spam checks where artifact=None; text fixes;...
2017-01-25  Dave BrondsemaUpdate six to latest, to match with latest setuptools...
2 months ago rel/1.6.0
6 months ago rel/1.5.0
10 months ago rel/1.4.0
14 months ago asf_release_1.3.2
14 months ago rel/1.3.2
18 months ago asf_release_1.3.1
18 months ago rel/1.3.1
20 months ago asf_release_1.3.0
20 months ago rel/1.3.0
2 years ago asf_release_1.2.1
2 years ago rel/1.2.1
2 years ago asf_release_1.2.0
2 years ago rel/1.2.0
3 years ago asf_release_1.1.0
3 years ago rel/1.1.0
3 years ago asf_release_1.0.1
9 days ago db/8145
10 days ago master
13 days ago db/8144
2 weeks ago db/8143
5 weeks ago db/8142
2 months ago db/8112
2 months ago db/5867
2 months ago db/7839
2 months ago db/8140
2 months ago db/6876
2 months ago db/7981
2 months ago db/install_py27
3 months ago db/8135
4 months ago db/5496
4 months ago db/8132
5 months ago db/8128

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