2022-02-13  Matt Bensonrun antunit with optional classpath (compiles fine... master
2022-02-12  Matt Bensoncode cleanup/updates
2021-07-07  Stefan Bodewigprepare RC1 of AntUnit 1.4.1
2021-07-03  Stefan Bodewignext release will be 1.4.1 rather than 1.5
2021-05-23  Stefan Bodewigwe should do as we say, use ant:current in antlib descr...
2019-05-26  jkfalso https in NOTICE
2019-05-26  jkfRemoved unnecessary http references
2019-05-26  jkfMerge branch 'master' of
2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using...
2019-05-25  Stefan BodewigTLS
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox
2018-06-25  Stefan BodewigMerge tag 'rel/1.4' and prepare for next iteration
2018-06-22  Stefan Bodewigcompile target is set to Java5
2018-06-22  Stefan Bodewigprepare RC3 of AntUnit 1.4 1_4_RC3 rel/1.4
2018-06-22  Stefan BodewigAntUnit now requires Ant 1.8.1
2018-06-20  Jaikiran PaiFix assertTrue example in docs
2018-06-19  Stefan Bodewigfix source code link
2018-06-19  Stefan Bodewigwelcome to 2018
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigfix line-ends
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigupgrade commons for .gitignore/modules changes
2018-06-16  Stefan Bodewigupdate commons (to remeove md5/sha1)
2018-05-14  Jaikiran PaiAvoid potential thread safety issues in LogCapturer 1/head
2018-04-27  Stefan Bodewigwe're not in svn anymore
2017-12-21  Gintas GrigelionisassertLogNotContaining missing in Ant 1.7; sync ivy...
2017-12-12  Stefan Bodewiglooks as if we had change an error message along the way
2017-06-13  Stefan BodewigDOAP file now lives in ant-site
2017-06-01  Stefan Bodewigensure the next release, if any, uses proper ivy coordi...
2016-07-11  Stefan Bodewigdebug logging
2016-03-29  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2016-03-29  Stefan BodewigJava6ism
2016-03-29  Stefan Bodewigmake javadoc8 happy
2016-03-29  Stefan Bodewigdeal with proxies that mask 404s
2016-03-29  Stefan Bodewigignore target folder
2016-03-29  Stefan Bodewigcreate a copy to prevent problems if list is modified...
2014-12-26  Stefan BodewigTry to reduce the risk of StackOverflow/OOM in report
2014-12-26  Stefan Bodewigignore some build time stuff
2014-07-26  Stefan Bodewigadd common as submodule
2014-06-06  Jan MatèrneAdd JUnit as dependency
2014-06-05  Jan MatèrneAdd prepare script
2014-06-04  Jan Matèrneupdate doap-file after git-migration
2014-05-14  Stefan Bodewigversion bump and post-release changes trunk
2014-05-07  Stefan Bodewigproperly document PR 56470
2014-05-06  Stefan BodewigPR 56470 - merge messages in logContent only when asked to
2014-05-06  Stefan BodewigPR 56470 - merge messages in assertLogContains only...
2014-05-06  Stefan Bodewigsince markers
2014-05-06  Stefan BodewigPR 56470 - merge messages in LogCapturer only when...
2014-05-02  Stefan Bodewigdry things up a little
2014-05-02  Stefan BodewigPR 56470 - add line breaks between the captured log...
2014-05-02  Stefan Bodewigbump copyright year
2014-05-02  Stefan BodewigPR 43582 add a new AntUnitListener that immediately...
2014-05-01  Stefan BodewigPR 53383 add new assertions that really work with non...
2013-12-05  Stefan Bodewigfix NOTICE template
2012-06-17  Stefan Bodewigcommitted debugging line
2012-06-17  Stefan BodewigActually, resources as attributes don't work very well
2012-03-16  Stefan Bodewigfix link
2011-12-29  Stefan BodewigassertResourceExists doesn't work with Ant 1.7.x and...
2011-08-16  Stefan Bodewig1.2 released. also update viewvc link while I was...
2011-08-13  Stefan Bodewigand move trunk back to 1.3alpha
2011-08-13  Stefan Bodewigprepare next attempt of AntUnit 1.2 release
2011-08-12  Stefan Bodewigmissing license headers
2011-08-12  Stefan Bodewigno longer needed now we use Nexus
2011-08-12  Stefan Bodewigadd license and organization to POM
2011-08-11  Stefan Bodewigand back to alpha again
2011-08-11  Stefan Bodewigprepare for AntUnit 1.2 release
2011-08-11  Stefan Bodewigclarify status of JUnit adapters
2011-01-25  Stefan Bodewigverify a resource exists prior to validating its contents
2011-01-25  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2011-01-25  Stefan Bodewignew assertResourceExists and assertResourceDoesntExist...
2011-01-25  Stefan Bodewigmake tests pass on Windows where each pathelement gets...
2010-06-17  Stefan Bodewigadapt to modified CDATA section escaping in trunk
2010-06-14  Stefan Bodewigmerge err/out changes from Ant's trunk (output to HTML...
2010-06-09  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2010-04-30  Stefan Bodewigfile name doesn't match class name
2010-04-30  Stefan Bodewigallow passing references from antunit task to tests...
2010-02-12  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace
2010-02-12  Stefan Bodewiguse built-in POM mechanism of common/m2.xml
2009-10-26  Nicolas LaleveeAdd a fail task that makes a test case fail if no condi...
2009-10-17  Nicolas Laleveefix: assertPropertyContains was not checking the value...
2009-07-21  Stefan BodewigAnt's Bugzilla issue 39492 applies to AntUnit as well...
2009-06-19  Scokart Gillesclean warnings
2009-04-24  Scokart Gillesorganize import
2009-03-26  Scokart GillesReport properly BuildException generated when parsing...
2009-03-26  Scokart GillesMinimal pom helping to install latest antunit version...
2009-03-20  Stefan Bodewigremove redundant boilerplate code from NOTICE files
2009-02-18  Scokart Gilleshandle more completely junit4 suites
2009-02-16  Stefan Bodewigeol-style
2009-02-14  Scokart GillesAdd error handling in the initalisation of the project
2009-02-13  Stefan Bodewigmissing license headers
2009-02-12  Scokart GillesAdd Junit3 and Junit4 adapters allowing to launch AntUn...
2009-02-03  Scokart GillesRefactoring : - Move active/inactive state managment...
2009-01-31  Scokart GillesGive access to project name so that it can be used...
2009-01-30  Scokart Gillesremove unsightly double catch
2009-01-28  Stefan Bodewigsync docs with antlib
2009-01-28  Stefan Bodewigmake assertResource(Doesnt)Contain(s) casesensitive...
2009-01-28  Stefan Bodewigmake assertPropertyContains casesensitive flag do somet...
2009-01-28  Stefan Bodewiguntabify
2009-01-27  Scokart GillesFinally extract AntUnitScriptRunner (I have also added...
2009-01-27  Scokart GillesDecoupling AntUnitScriptRunner from the AntUnit task...
2009-01-27  Scokart Gillesmerge the projectHandler and the AntScriptRunner in...
2009-01-26  Stefan BodewigEnglish spelling of actif