2020-08-16  Jan MatÚrneUse JavaDoc ant-Tags as in Ant itself. master
2019-05-27  jkfuri is part of the license itself and therfore should...
2019-05-26  jkfRemoved unnecessary http references
2019-05-26  jkfMerge branch 'master' of
2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using...
2019-05-25  Stefan BodewigTLS
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewig.gitattributes is in default excludes as well
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigmust reset default excludes when building source tarballs
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigdon't ignore .git config files
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigsource distribution is incomplete
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigfix link
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigfix property name
2018-06-16  Stefan Bodewigstop creating md5 and sha1 checksums
2017-06-13  Stefan Bodewigupdate release instructions
2017-06-13  Stefan Bodewigthings I should have done, or could have done better
2017-06-07  Stefan Bodewigivy:deliver creates a distrib dir without any reason
2017-06-07  Stefan Bodewigalso include POM in source distribution, if present
2017-06-06  Nicolas LalevéeAdd files required to make the source build properly
2017-06-01  Stefan Bodewigmention fixing the release date
2017-05-31  Stefan Bodewigmodule and artifact are the same for the antlibs
2017-05-31  Stefan BodewigNexus wants slashes instead of dots, thanks to Gintauta...
2017-05-31  Stefan Bodewigfix upload process, many thanks to Jaikiran
2017-05-31  Stefan Bodewigupgrade Ivy
2017-05-30  Stefan Bodewiginitial record of release instructions
2017-05-30  Stefan Bodewigivy needs a separate settings instance for upload
2017-05-23  Stefan Bodewigthere are two different Ivy files now, unify them
2014-07-26  Stefan Bodewigwe no longer need to clone common explicitly
2014-06-05  Jan Matèrneextract properties; add classpath to javadoc
2014-06-05  Jan Matèrneadd 'empty' paths if no ivy.xml is specified
2014-06-05  Jan Matèrneadd Ivy-support for antlibs
2014-06-04  Jan Matèrnewrong property, use fix value instead of absolute path
2014-06-04  Jan Matèrnedocumentation; split into 2 phases
2014-06-03  Jan MatèrneFor older Ant-versions, no xmlns:if
2014-06-03  Jan Matèrnewrite test reports so we could see them in Jenkins
2014-06-03  Jan Matèrnespecify default location of ant-testutil.jar
2014-06-03  Jan Matèrneget antunit.jar, so a local build has all required...
2014-06-02  Jan MatèrneWorkaround for missing svn:external. Try to build on...
2013-12-05  Stefan Bodewigfix NOTICE template trunk
2011-10-31  Stefan Bodewigadd a target for binary distributions that bundle depen...
2011-08-12  Stefan BodewigDon't generate 'Bugzilla Issue' lines if there is no...
2011-01-28  Stefan Bodewigclass for copyright line
2011-01-27  Stefan Bodewigwhen creating default ivy.xml/POM files, only overwrite...
2011-01-26  Stefan Bodewigechoxml fails with some internal error in Xerces
2010-12-27  Antoine Levy... updating my key
2010-08-26  Stefan Bodewigadd license information
2010-08-19  Stefan Bodewigmake it work for modules with dependencies
2010-08-19  Stefan Bodewigfix some Ivy schema violations
2010-08-19  Stefan Bodewigwrong location of settings file
2010-08-11  Nicolas Laleveeupdate my key and add Jon's key, both copied from the...
2010-06-16  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace
2010-06-16  Stefan Bodewiguse a separate NS for the classifier attribute
2010-06-15  Stefan Bodewigone more place with an artifact pattern
2010-06-15  Stefan Bodewigwhy not publish the ivy.xml files as well?
2010-06-15  Stefan Bodewiguse a different pattern and classifiers for javadoc...
2010-06-15  Stefan Bodewigcheck OpenPGP sigs for -sources.jar and -javadoc.jar...
2010-06-15  Stefan Bodewigcreate javadocs and a -javadoc.jar
2010-06-15  Stefan Bodewigcreate a -sources.jar
2010-06-15  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace
2010-06-09  Stefan Bodewigbad target name
2010-06-09  Stefan Bodewigfirst cut at providing nexus upload support for Antlibs...
2010-05-31  Stefan Bodewigreduce hard-coding of common dir
2009-07-31  Stefan Bodewigantlibs need Ant to compile
2009-07-31  Stefan Bodewigget rid of Ant 1.8.0 warnings
2009-05-12  Stefan Bodewigpreference for stronger algorithms
2009-05-11  Stefan Bodewiggenerate SHA-512 checksums as well
2009-04-07  Scokart Gillesadd my key
2009-04-07  Stefan Bodewiga bunch of new signatures after ApacheCon
2009-03-20  Stefan Bodewigremove redundant boilerplate code from NOTICE files
2009-02-14  Scokart Gillesmissing change in previous check-in. To AntUnit intega...
2009-02-03  Maarten CoeneAdded signature
2009-01-21  Stefan BodewigAdd Maarten's key
2008-11-14  Scokart Gillesif junit is not available, BuildFileTest can not be...
2008-07-04  Nicolas LaleveeAdd of my public key
2008-04-23  Stefan Bodewigrevert to rev641481
2008-04-08  Stefan BodewigTemporary patch to track down the dotnet-test failure...
2008-03-26  Stefan BodewigAdd license
2007-12-06  Xavier Haninadd xavier key
2007-07-02  Jan MaterneUse of the wrong property name, so it now cleans the...
2007-02-05  Stefan BodewigEnable ivy.xml creation by default
2007-02-05  Stefan Bodewigoops, was thinking in macrodef terms
2007-02-05  Stefan Bodewigextract common functionality
2007-02-05  Stefan BodewigAdd ivy.xml creation
2007-02-05  Stefan Bodewigseparate Maven 2 stuff from rest
2007-02-05  Stefan BodewigTypo - and create checksums for template created POMs...
2006-10-27  Stefan BodewigOuch, committed an invalid build file
2006-10-27  Stefan Bodewigexplicitly set -source and -target when compiling
2006-10-20  Stefan BodewigSupport for Maven changes-plugin like changes.xml
2006-10-11  Matthew Jason... put junit.fork and junit.forkmode in overridable properties
2006-09-25  Stefan Bodewigfix bug inherited from core
2006-09-22  Stefan BodewigMatch what Matt has done in core
2006-09-19  Steve Loughranonly search in the expected location for the JAR, other...
2006-09-17  Stefan Bodewigrename, bundle it with the source...
2006-09-01  Stefan BodewigAdd KEYS file
2006-09-01  Stefan BodewigAdd build.xml to source dist, create plain text version...
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigadd a distribution target
2006-08-31  Stefan BodewigAdd stylesheet
2006-08-27  Stefan Bodewigfix antunit invokation
2006-08-27  Stefan BodewigAdd AntUnit test targets
2006-08-26  Stefan BodewigMove JUnit tests into a separate directory structure...