descriptionAntlib common files
last changeMon, 17 Dec 2018 08:08:15 +0000 (09:08 +0100)
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox master
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewig.gitattributes is in default excludes as well
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigmust reset default excludes when building source tarballs
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigdon't ignore .git config files
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigsource distribution is incomplete
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigfix link
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigfix property name
2018-06-16  Stefan Bodewigstop creating md5 and sha1 checksums
2017-06-13  Stefan Bodewigupdate release instructions
2017-06-13  Stefan Bodewigthings I should have done, or could have done better
2017-06-07  Stefan Bodewigivy:deliver creates a distrib dir without any reason
2017-06-07  Stefan Bodewigalso include POM in source distribution, if present
2017-06-06  Nicolas LaleveĢeAdd files required to make the source build properly
2017-06-01  Stefan Bodewigmention fixing the release date
2017-05-31  Stefan Bodewigmodule and artifact are the same for the antlibs
2017-05-31  Stefan BodewigNexus wants slashes instead of dots, thanks to Gintauta...
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