2019-05-27  jkfRemoved unnecessary http references master
2019-05-26  jkfMerge branch 'master' of
2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using...
2019-05-25  Stefan BodewigTLS
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox
2018-06-18  Stefan Bodewigpick up latest improvements from common
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewigupdate versions in POM as well
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewigmake project description more current
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewigadd Zstandard support
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewigforgot to update manual with Commons Compress version...
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewigstrip copy-paste left-over
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewigadd read-only support for DEFLATE64
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewigadd antunit as test dependency
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewiguodate dependencies
2018-02-06  Stefan Bodewighappy new year
2017-06-13  Stefan Bodewigupdate common to get latest release instructions
2017-06-13  Stefan Bodewigfix release date
2017-06-13  Stefan Bodewigdoap file moved to site repo
2017-06-13  Stefan BodewigMerge tag 'rel/1.5' and prepare for next cycle
2017-06-08  Stefan Bodewigprepare RC3 of Compress Antlib 1.5 1_5_RC3 rel/1.5
2017-06-07  Stefan Bodewigno reason to ignore distrub anymore
2017-06-07  Stefan Bodewigupdate common submodule
2017-06-06  Nicolas Lalevéeupdate commons
2017-06-06  Nicolas Lalevéeadd a new line at the end of files
2017-06-01  Stefan Bodewigrecord breaking change of Ivy coordinates
2017-05-31  Stefan BodewigRequiring Java7 breaks BWC as well.
2017-05-31  Stefan Bodewigand again update the common submodule
2017-05-31  Stefan Bodewigupdate common submodule
2017-05-31  Stefan Bodewigfix origanization, thanks to Jaikiran
2017-05-31  Stefan Bodewigupdate common submodule
2017-05-30  Stefan Bodewigupdate common submodule
2017-05-30  Stefan Bodewigeven more temporary directories
2017-05-30  Stefan Bodewigfix broken artifactId
2017-05-23  Stefan Bodewigmake Ivy handling work for releases
2017-05-23  Stefan Bodewigadapt POM
2017-05-09  Stefan Bodewigmake <archives> support all known archive formats
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigsomehow i must have forgotten to to copy 7z content...
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigremove redundant public modifier in interfaces
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigfix error message
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigmore missing @Overrides
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigadd read-only Brotli support
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigadd LZ4 support
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigsome more writable snappy tweaks
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigcan re-enable test when using Compress 1.14
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigadd support for writing Snappy without framing
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigadd write support for Snappy framing format
2017-05-08  Stefan Bodewigivy.xml didn't mention snappy
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewigadd 2017 to copyright notice
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewigdocument XZ for Java dependency
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewigfix anchor
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewigrecord write support for LZMA
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewigsupport DEFLATE
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewigtypos
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewigadd write-support for LZMA
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewiguse test fix that worked for ar globally
2017-05-07  Stefan Bodewigtry to fix test failures
2017-05-06  Stefan Bodewigfix javadoc
2017-05-06  Stefan Bodewigbackwards-compatible introduction of generics
2017-05-06  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace
2017-05-06  Stefan Bodewigtry-with-resources
2017-05-06  Stefan Bodewigadd @Overrides
2017-05-06  Stefan Bodewigmake antlib compile against Ant master
2017-05-06  Stefan Bodewigprepare for Commons Compress 1.14 which will require...
2014-07-19  Stefan Bodewigadding the antunit dependency causes more problems...
2014-07-19  Stefan Bodewiguse a Java5 compatible pack200 test resource
2014-07-19  Stefan Bodewigadd test dependency on AntUnit
2014-07-19  Stefan Bodewigadd some ignores
2014-07-06  Stefan Bodewigno reason to clone common, it is a submodule over here
2014-07-05  Stefan Bodewigadd common module as a git submodule
2014-06-05  Jan Matèrnefix javadoc
2014-06-05  Jan Matèrnespecify dependencies
2014-06-05  Jan Matèrneadd prepare script
2014-06-05  Jan Matèrneadd git-ignore
2014-06-04  Jan Matèrnesort releases 'newest first' as in all other doap-files
2014-06-04  Jan Matèrneupdate doap-file after git-migration
2014-03-15  Stefan BodewigAdd level attribute to gzip task. PR 52414 trunk
2014-03-14  Stefan Bodewigsupport for multiple content methods in 7z
2014-03-11  Stefan Bodewigadd flag to keep the compression methods when updating...
2014-01-29  Stefan Bodewigpost release house-keeping
2014-01-21  Stefan BodewigCommons Compress 1.7 has been released
2014-01-06  Stefan Bodewighappy new year
2013-12-27  Stefan Bodewigadd support for the raw snappy format
2013-12-27  Stefan Bodewigthe initial file wasn't really compressed as the snappy...
2013-12-26  Stefan Bodewigread-only support for snappy compression
2013-12-24  Stefan BodewigRead-Only support for traditional Unix compress (.Z...
2013-12-05  Stefan Bodewigfix NOTICE template
2013-11-07  Stefan Bodewigbump versions
2013-10-27  Stefan Bodewigfix descriptions and update dependency versions in POM
2013-10-21  Stefan Bodewig7zOut#close may now throw IOException
2013-10-21  Stefan Bodewigwhy oh why doesn't javac find all issues in one go?
2013-10-21  Stefan Bodewigone more place where SevenZFile#close is called
2013-10-15  Stefan BodewigSevenZFile#close throws now
2013-10-11  Stefan Bodewigcompression support when writing 7z
2013-10-07  Stefan Bodewigmixed up rows
2013-10-07  Stefan BodewigUnix version of last modifed time knows its timezone
2013-10-06  Stefan Bodewigtestcase for arj created on a Unix machine
2013-09-30  Stefan Bodewigadd timezone to test so it may work in other timezone...
2013-09-29  Stefan Bodewigwrite 7z archives
2013-09-27  Stefan Bodewigwhat a difference a single letter makes