2019-05-26  jkfMerge branch 'master' of master
2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using...
2019-05-25  Stefan BodewigTLS
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox
2017-06-13  Stefan BodewigDOAP file now lives in ant-site
2017-06-01  Stefan Bodewigensure the next release, if any, uses proper ivy coordi...
2014-11-16  Stefan Bodewiguseless super call
2014-11-16  Stefan Bodewigadd executable attribute to <nunit>. Fixes Bugzilla...
2014-11-16  Stefan Bodewigadd basic .gitignore
2014-11-16  Stefan Bodewigdefault to dmcs for Mono systems - PR 51970
2014-07-26  Stefan BodewigMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-07-26  Stefan Bodewigadd common submodule
2014-06-04  Jan Matèrneupdate doap-file after git-migration
2011-02-04  Stefan Bodewig1.1 released trunk
2011-01-28  Stefan Bodewigtrademark policy
2011-01-27  Stefan Bodewignew vote won't be started today anymore
2011-01-27  Stefan Bodewigno longer relevant
2011-01-27  Stefan Bodewigbump year
2011-01-27  Stefan Bodewigreset externals (I thought I had done this earlier...
2011-01-27  Stefan Bodewigbump version
2011-01-27  Stefan BodewigNo longer needed now that Nexus is used
2011-01-25  Stefan BodewigThose two contributors are actually one
2011-01-21  Stefan BodewigAdd an option to use lit.exe from the WiX toolset inste...
2011-01-21  Stefan Bodewigsome refactoring triggered by PR 50611
2010-08-10  Stefan Bodewigembrace .NET 2.0 on Mono
2010-04-21  Stefan Bodewigfirst cut at a F# compiler task
2010-02-12  Stefan BodewigAdd Maven Metadata file
2009-09-05  Stefan Bodewigfix has a related issue now
2009-05-07  Stefan Bodewigmake tallow task available
2009-05-06  Stefan Bodewigcredit Jason Zhang for tallow task
2009-05-05  Stefan BodewigAdd a tallow task, submitted by zhihengz AT hotmail...
2009-04-09  Stefan Bodewigallow users to specifiy additional arguments to candle...
2009-03-20  Stefan Bodewigremove redundant boilerplate code from NOTICE files
2009-03-11  Stefan Bodewigexclude/include in <nunit> are broken because of malfor...
2008-07-18  Stefan Bodewig/noconfig causes an error if used inside a response...
2008-07-18  Stefan Bodewigskip test when NUnit is not there
2008-07-18  Stefan BodewigC# 3.0 doesn't like /incremental-
2008-06-19  Stefan BodewigMerge rev 669470 - use FileUtils instead of File.toURL...
2008-03-26  Stefan BodewigAdd license
2007-02-06  Stefan BodewigAdd more tests for directories with spaces
2007-01-24  Stefan BodewigOK, we seem to need quotes in response files on Linux...
2007-01-23  Stefan Bodewigmake commands work in directories with spaces when...
2007-01-23  Stefan Bodewigdocument useresponsefile attribute
2007-01-23  Stefan BodewigAdd tests for compilation with response file
2007-01-18  Stefan BodewigAdd tests for running the tasks in a directory with...
2006-11-06  Stefan Bodewigbump version
2006-10-20  Stefan BodewigAdd changes file
2006-10-17  Stefan Bodewigupdate docs
2006-10-14  Stefan Bodewigcompletely remove junit directory
2006-10-10  Stefan Bodewigwrong property
2006-10-10  Stefan BodewigMigrate all tests to AntUnit
2006-10-09  Stefan Bodewigstatus update
2006-10-09  Stefan BodewigDisable ildasm test on MS .NET 2.0
2006-10-09  Stefan Bodewigturn wsdltodotnet test into an AntUnit test, fix mono...
2006-09-22  Stefan Bodewigrename to match naming convention of AntUnit tests
2006-09-21  Stefan Bodewigfailonerror and errorproperty attributes for <nant...
2006-09-21  Stefan BodewigAdd errorProperty to <nunit>, PR 40552
2006-09-17  Stefan Bodewigrename, bundle it with the source...
2006-09-13  Stefan Bodewigbump version
2006-09-07  Stefan BodewigAdd people who contributed to the old core tasks
2006-09-05  Stefan Bodewigmigrate the remaining docs to "normal" Ant task doc...
2006-09-04  Stefan Bodewigupdate some docs to "plain" format
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigremove conflicting styles
2006-09-01  Stefan BodewigAdd a DOAP file, will add release date later ;-)
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigimprove docs
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigforgot some old task docs
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigapply committers-svn:tools/
2006-08-31  Stefan Bodewigstyle documentation
2006-08-31  Stefan Bodewigreflect adoption of old core tasks
2006-08-27  Stefan Bodewigturn old .NET task tests into AntUnit tests
2006-08-26  Stefan Bodewigcopy tests and documentation from core
2006-08-26  Stefan BodewigMove JUnit tests into a separate directory structure...
2006-08-24  Stefan Bodewigcopy the core tasks, no changes yet, tests need to...
2006-08-24  Stefan BodewigMove a few files around
2006-07-26  Stefan Bodewigadd required NOTICE file
2006-06-05  Stefan Bodewigmake WiX task work
2006-01-26  Stefan Bodewigfix command line building of <msbuild>, PR 38392, contr...
2005-12-20  Stefan Bodewigfor reasons I don't understand I get exceptions from...
2005-12-16  Stefan Bodewigfix msbuild task
2005-11-23  Stefan Bodewigpromote dotnet antlib
2005-10-07  Stefan Bodewigcleanup provided by Kev Jackson trunk@348097
2005-05-24  Stefan BodewigRemove empty directories
2005-05-02  Stefan BodewigRename package
2005-04-19  Stefan BodewigMake sandboxes build
2005-04-15  Stefan BodewigImport sandbox antlibs