descriptionApache SVN Antlib
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 27 Jul 2014 11:24:53 +0000 (13:24 +0200)
2014-07-27  Stefan Bodewiguse Ant site rather than an antlib for tests master
2014-07-27  Stefan Bodewigremove dead code
2014-07-27  Stefan Bodewigmake tests use a real temp directory
2014-07-27  Stefan Bodewigsome ignores
2014-07-26  Stefan Bodewigcommitted a bad merge
2014-07-26  Stefan Bodewigadd common submodule
2014-06-06  Jan Matèrneupdate to 'standard' environment
2011-08-07  Stefan Bodewigmake sure Subversion uses English messages trunk
2011-08-05  Stefan Bodewigtry to figure out why this keeps failing in Gump
2009-12-20  Kevin Jackson-fix typo
2009-05-05  Stefan BodewigAdapt tests to PR 47105, fix handling of implicit trunk...
2009-05-05  Stefan BodewigMake test independent of client on Windows
2009-05-05  Stefan Bodewigexpand tagdiff to support branches as well. Submitted...
2009-03-20  Stefan Bodewigremove redundant boilerplate code from NOTICE files
2008-10-19  Kevin Jacksonfix typo
2008-03-27  Stefan BodewigAdd license
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