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2016-12-13  Jan Matèrnearchive EasyAnt master
2015-02-06  Jean-Louis... EASYANT-73 Plugins release script does not work (thanks...
2014-06-17  Jean-Louis... Remove disclaimer as project is no longer in incubation
2014-06-07  Jan Matèrneimport .gitignore from ant-core
2014-01-04  Nicolas LaleveeHappy new year trunk
2013-12-29  Jean-Louis... Fix missing dependency on ivy-provisioning:resolve...
2013-12-14  Nicolas Laleveefix NOTICE
2013-03-23  Nicolas LaleveeMoving EasyAnt
2013-02-07  Nicolas LaleveeAdd disclaimer tags/0.9-incubating@1443463 trunk@1460147
2013-01-29  Nicolas LaleveeAdd -incubating to the version
2013-01-27  Nicolas Laleveewe're in 2013
2013-01-27  Nicolas LaleveeUse Ivy 2.3.0
2012-12-28  Nicolas Lalevee- add a bootstrap build to build a source distrib,...
2012-12-23  Nicolas LaleveeAdd .project for easier import into Eclipse
2012-12-18  Jean-Louis... Add missing plugin in build-std-skeleton
2012-12-17  Jean-Louis... Use module exploded style instead of mrid style in...
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