2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using... master
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox
2018-08-10  Gintas GrigelionisRevise messages
2018-08-10  Gintas GrigelionisUse try with resources
2018-07-16  Nicolas Lalevéemake the test project 'retrieved-classpath' actualy...
2018-07-16  Nicolas Lalevéeignore retrieved jars in test project
2018-07-16  Nicolas Lalevéefix the retreieve-var test project
2018-07-16  Nicolas LalevéeDo not use absolute path, so it resolve properly everywhere
2018-07-16  Nicolas Lalevéemake the fake jars of the tests actual jars
2018-07-16  Nicolas LalevéeMake the action 'Remove Ivy dependency management'...
2018-07-15  Nicolas LalevéeUpdate build dependencies to a downloadable version...
2018-07-01  Nicolas LalevéeRestore the gathering of artifacts on resolve
2018-07-01  Nicolas LalevéeKeep IvyDE compatible with Ivy 2.1, as stated on the...
2018-06-25  Jaikiran PaiUpdate release instructions to make a mention of the...
2018-06-25  Jaikiran PaiUpdate release notes 2.3.0-rc1
2018-06-19  Jaikiran PaiIVYDE-388 Fix initialization of PreferenceConstants
2018-06-18  Gintas GrigelionisReview the documentation
2018-06-17  Gintas GrigelionisCheck spelling…
2018-06-17  Jaikiran PaiPackage the sources within a version specific root...
2018-06-17  Jaikiran PaiInclude NOTICE and LICENSE files in the resolvevisualiz...
2018-06-16  Gintas GrigelionisHTTP -> HTTPS (thanks, Stefan)
2018-06-16  Gintas GrigelionisPlural…
2018-06-16  Gintas GrigelionisA typo…
2018-06-16  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate dev instructions
2018-06-16  Gintas GrigelionisA typo…
2018-06-16  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate installation instructions
2018-06-14  Jaikiran PaiReplace MD5 and SHA1 checksum files with SHA-256 and...
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiUpdate release instruction
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiRelease 2.3.0-rc1
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiUpdate release instructions
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiUpdate release notes in preparation of release
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiUpdate year in copyright message
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiPlace the packaged source in the correct directory
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiFix package-sources target, now that we are no longer...
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiAsciidoc needs to be run unnested from their jar. ...
2018-06-13  Jaikiran PaiConfigure Ivy version in
2018-06-09  Gintas GrigelionisUse try with resources
2018-06-09  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify code
2018-06-09  Gintas GrigelionisFurther sync of Checkstyle setup
2018-06-08  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate RAT
2018-06-08  Gintas GrigelionisIvyDE Jenkins expects that Checkstyle failures are...
2018-06-08  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle 7 requires Java 8
2018-06-08  Gintas GrigelionisSync Checkstyle setup with Ivy
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify assertions
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisExtraneous putAll, use constructor
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisExtraneous null checks
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify append substring
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify logic
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate to appropriate Eclipse version
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisDrop the version from README
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisFix the broken link…
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate the documentation
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisComplete the conversion
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisLet’s go asciidoc…
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisExtraneous parentheses…
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisExtraneous exception
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisA typo…
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisUse ASCII (TM)
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisMore revisions…
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisDocumentation review
2018-03-13  Gintas GrigelionisFix asciidoc navigation on GitHub
2018-03-13  Gintas GrigelionisDocument where to find the release instructions
2018-03-01  Jaikiran PaiIVYDE-386 Fix ClassCastException 8/head
2018-02-28  Gintas GrigelionisRegression in Ivy (URLHandler)
2018-01-10  Gintas GrigelionisHappy New Year
2017-11-08  Gintas GrigelionisFindBugs: iterate over entry sets and add hashCode()
2017-11-08  Gintas GrigelionisSync version restrictions to manifests
2017-11-08  Gintas GrigelionisUse Java 7
2017-11-08  Gintas GrigelionisRestrict IvyDE to Eclipse Kepler (4.3) or newer
2017-11-06  Gintas GrigelionisCode cleanup (remove extraneous suppression etc)
2017-11-05  Gintas GrigelionisGenerics in visualizer
2017-11-05  Gintas GrigelionisGenerics, JUnit 4
2017-11-05  Gintas GrigelionisMap not generified yet…
2017-11-05  Gintas Grigelionisforeach loops that need no generics, more final fields;
2017-11-05  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle: make fields final
2017-11-01  Gintas GrigelionisTrim exceptions
2017-10-31  Gintas GrigelionisMore modifiers in interfaces
2017-10-31  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle: modifiers in interfaces
2017-10-31  Gintas GrigelionisAvoid deprecated APIs
2017-10-30  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate Ivy version, sync checkstyle and tagsdoc
2017-10-29  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify/clean up code
2017-10-29  Gintas GrigelionisAdd a missing brace
2017-10-28  twogeeCheckstyle (whitespace, spellcheck, javadoc, braces...
2017-07-16  Nicolas Lalevéedoc: add a macro to make simpler links to Jira
2017-07-16  Nicolas LalevéeIvyDE now requires Java 7 and Eclipse 4.3
2017-07-11  Nicolas LalevéeUpdate the release notes for the new Security panel
2017-07-11  Nicolas LalevéeAdd the new doc about security in the toc.json
2017-07-11  Nicolas LalevéeThis closes #6
2017-07-11  Nicolas LalevéeMerge branch 'master' into ivyDECredentials-cleaned
2017-07-11  Nicolas Lalevéetry to fix the checksum check (might be sensitive to...
2017-07-11  Nicolas Lalevéeset better download base url
2017-07-10  Nicolas Lalevéeupdate build dependencies, and reenable the build of...
2017-07-08  alex-blasciidoc for credential extension added 6/head
2017-07-08  alex-bldeprecated and unused class removed
2017-07-02  Nicolas LalevéeAdd support for storing securely credentials (thanks...
2017-07-02  Nicolas Lalevéeignore generated artifacts
2017-07-02  Nicolas Lalevéethe resolve visualizer is not built, so don't package it
2017-07-02  Nicolas Lalevéefix the generation of the doc
2017-07-02  Nicolas LalevéeUse a less recent Eclipse, which doesn't require Java 8