2022-09-16  Matt Bensonpunctuation master
2022-08-24  Stefan Bodewigcreate manifest file's parent if needed.
2022-08-18  Jaikiran Paibz-66164 Don't change file permissions on unrelated...
2022-08-07  Stefan Bodewigadd Piotr P. Karwasz
2022-08-07  Stefan Bodewigrecord #191
2022-08-07  Stefan BodewigMerge pull request #191 from ppkarwasz/fetch-script
2022-08-04  Piotr P. KarwaszFix retrieval from non-default repositories 191/head
2022-06-25  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2022-06-25  Stefan BodewigMerge pull request #190 from chrstphrchvz/backport... 1.9.x
2022-06-22  Jaikiran Paibz-63438 Undo part of commit 67f29ce0c2ad332570c0a1382c... 190/head
2022-05-27  Stefan Bodewigavoid listing directories who's content is never used
2022-05-22  Jaikiran Paigo back to ignoring the ImageIOTest#testFailOnError...
2022-05-21  Jaikiran Paiupgrade junit5 library dependencies
2022-05-21  Jaikiran PaiMaven Ant tasks has been EOLed (https://maven.apache...
2022-05-21  Jaikiran PaiUse a fixed timezone in Tstamp test
2022-05-20  Mikolaj IzdebskiFix integer overflow when parsing SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2022-04-10  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2022-04-10  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2022-04-09  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2022-04-09  Stefan Bodewigplug resource leak as suggested by Mike Phillips in...
2022-04-09  Stefan BodewigMerge pull request #185 from chagmed/master
2022-04-08  Dan DeRobertisUpdate selectors.html 185/head
2022-03-29  Matt Bensonterse w/ Optional
2022-03-22  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2022-03-22  Stefan Bodewigdocument modificationtime attribute of zip added many...
2022-03-11  Matt Benson@since
2022-03-11  Matt Bensonpathconvert: avoid buffering for log/property output
2022-02-26  Matt Bensonlocal += nested name elements
2022-02-25  Matt Bensonscriptdef += @setbeans
2022-02-25  Matt Bensoncompute effective properties permitting null values
2022-02-25  Matt Bensonset expectedMessage for antunit test
2022-02-25  Matt Bensonsupport default value for scriptdef attribute
2022-02-24  Matt Bensontest script properties binding
2022-02-24  Matt Bensonbind all effective properties to script* tasks/types
2022-02-20  Matt Bensonfilter out null
2022-02-19  Matt Bensonwarm up before expected compiled to outperform noncompiled
2022-02-17  Matt BensonMerge branch 'master' into script-manager
2022-02-16  Matt Bensontry again with a value that already handles dirsep
2022-02-16  Matt Bensonfixup testcase for Windows
2022-02-16  Matt Bensonsupport writing pathconvert output to resource
2022-02-16  Matt Bensonremove spurious default field values
2022-02-16  Matt Bensonskip tests relying on Javascript when running in Jenkin...
2022-02-16  Matt Bensonpropagate same properties as build.xml antunit invocation
2022-02-16  Matt Bensonskip tests relying on Javascript when running in Jenkin...
2022-02-16  Matt Bensonpropagate same properties as build.xml antunit invocation
2022-02-15  Matt Bensonrefactor script manager to enum
2022-02-15  Matt Bensonuse javascript w/ javax for scriptcondition return...
2022-02-14  Matt Bensonfix bug with scriptcondition eval result
2022-02-14  Matt Bensonmake scriptcondition behave as documented wrt script...
2022-02-14  Matt Bensonadd scriptcondition tests
2022-02-13  Matt Bensonuse coreLoader, if set, to create subordinate classLoaders
2022-02-13  Matt Bensonmove netrexx to end because it's prone to hang/fail
2022-02-13  Matt BensonAddress some Javadoc issues
2022-02-11  Matt Bensoncleanup
2022-02-11  Matt Bensontweak to x-platform test fix
2022-02-10  Matt Bensonjavadoc
2022-02-10  Matt Bensonfix testcase x-platform
2022-02-10  Taylor SmockFix an issue in LegacyXmlResultFormatter with ]]> in...
2022-02-10  Matt Bensonrefactor attribute introspection to support Optional...
2022-02-10  Matt Bensonadd static BuildException factory method
2022-02-09  Matt Bensontest pathconvert setonempty=false
2022-02-09  Matt Bensonpathconvert to outputstream so that logging requires...
2022-02-09  Matt Bensoniterate resources directly when !cache
2022-02-09  Matt Bensonuse Collections#emptyIterator
2022-02-09  Matt Bensonvolatile cache property
2022-02-09  Matt BensonResources javadoc
2022-02-09  Matt Bensontest pathconvert features
2022-02-09  Matt Bensonfully migrate pathconvert tests to antunit
2022-02-07  Jaikiran Paiadd while launching against...
2022-02-05  Matt Bensonavoid unnecessary work
2022-02-05  Matt Bensonremove extra semi
2022-01-15  Jaikiran Paifix ant.bat script for Java 18 security manager configu...
2022-01-12  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2022-01-12  Stefan Bodewigmake PropertyHelper a bit more backwards compatible
2022-01-03  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2022-01-03  Stefan Bodewighappy new year
2021-12-29  Stefan Bodewigcredit @sonyDeswal for #170
2021-12-28  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2021-12-28  Stefan Bodewigproperly describe how Ant reads environment variables
2021-12-23  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2021-12-23  Stefan BodewigAllow ant:get task to disable authentication on redirect.
2021-12-23  Stefan Bodewigchange the default of authenticateOnRedirect
2021-12-23  Jaikiran Paifix typo
2021-12-22  Stefan Bodewigdocument #173
2021-12-22  Stefan BodewigMerge pull request #173 from bernolanger/master
2021-12-20  Berno LangerAllow ant:get task to disable authentication on redirect. 173/head
2021-12-16  Stefan Bodewigadd docs for #170 and make host name check strict by...
2021-12-16  Stefan BodewigMerge pull request #170 from sonyDeswal/Add_FTPS_Option...
2021-12-01  Jaikiran Paiset in Ant launcher .bat...
2021-11-29  Jaikiran Paireduce level of log message
2021-11-29  Jaikiran Paidon't rely on deltree command - prevent any build failu...
2021-11-28  Jaikiran Paifix condition check for non-bash shell
2021-11-28  Jaikiran Pailaunch Ant project tests by passing
2021-11-28  Jaikiran PaiRevert "Pass while launch...
2021-11-28  Jaikiran PaiPass while launching...
2021-11-28  Jaikiran PaiPass from *nix launcher...
2021-11-17  Santosh R DhariwalMake Changes to Support FTPS AntTaskDef that extends... 170/head
2021-11-17  JaikiranMerge pull request #172 from azotcsit/junitlauncher...
2021-11-17  Aleksei Zotovjunitlauncher - Fixed extension attribute support for... 172/head
2021-11-16  Aleksei Zotovjunitlauncher - Support extension attribute for listeners