added license and javadoc
[any23.git] / NOTICE.txt
2018-02-03  Lewis John McGibbneyANY23-321 Add openie toggle functionality to service
2018-01-25  Lewis John McGibbneyANY23-210 Address 1.0 Release Review Discrepancies
2017-09-15  Lewis John McGibbneyPreparing files for Any23 2.1 RC#1
2017-02-04  Lewis John McGibbneyupdating files for release
2017-01-14  Peter AnsellMerge remote-tracking branch 'jgrzebyta/ANY23-299'
2017-01-13  Peter AnsellMerge branch 'version2'
2017-01-12  Peter AnsellSwitch NOTICE to reference Eclipse RDF4J 27/head
2014-05-29  Lewis John McGibbneyMerge branch 'master' into jdevelop-fix-url-encoding...
2014-05-09  Lewis John McGibbneyPrepare for 1.0 release
2013-05-29  lewismcMerge branch 'ANY23-158'
2013-05-21  lewismcANY23-158 Fix discrepancies with 0.8.0 RC1
2013-05-01  lewismcprepare for 0.8.0 RC#1
2012-07-03  Simone Tripodiadded missing DERI copyright
2012-01-13  Simone Tripodiadded missing notice file