5 days ago  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... master
5 days ago  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release any23-2.3 any23-2.3
5 days ago  Lewis John... Prep for 2.3 release, disabling integration test due...
5 days ago  Lewis John... Update maven plugins in prep for 2.3 release
5 days ago  Lewis John... Update maven plugins in prep for 2.3 release
5 days ago  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
5 days ago  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 2.3 2.3
6 days ago  Lewis John... Updating files for 2.3 release
6 days ago  HansFix integration test
6 days ago  HansANY23-425 add iCal, jCal, xCal extractors to META-INF...
7 days ago  Hans BrendeMerge pull request #136 from HansBrende/ANY23-415
7 days ago  HansANY23-415 narrow generic mimetypes on successful triple... 136/head
7 days ago  HansANY23-415 avoid n-triples errors for humans.txt files...
9 days ago  HansANY23-424 update rdf4j again, to v2.4.4 135/head
9 days ago  HansANY23-424 cleanup owl test
9 days ago  HansMerge branch 'master' into ANY23-424
9 days ago  HansANY23-418 update NOTICE.txt 131/head
12 days ago  HansANY23-424 Update dependencies
13 days ago  HansMerge branch 'master' into ANY23-418
13 days ago  Lewis John... Merge pull request #134 from davidcockbill/ANY23-422
2019-02-03  HansANY23-418 update f8 artifact, cleanup
2019-02-03  HansMerge branch 'master' into ANY23-418
2019-01-31  David CockbillANY23-422 Error message when any23 cli tool used 134/head
2019-01-31  Lewis John... Merge pull request #133 from afs/gitbox
2019-01-30  Andy SeaborneANY23-423: Update POM on the move to gitbox 133/head
2018-11-23  HansANY23-416 correct supported mimetypes in extractor...
2018-11-22  HansANY23-420 don't let IAE in jsonld-java crash entire...
2018-11-19  Hansminor refactor
2018-11-19  Hanssimplify utf8 byte statistics by including f8 artifact
2018-11-14  Lewis John... ANY23-419 Add J2EE depednencies such that service runs... 132/head
2018-11-13  Hansadditional simplifications and refinements
2018-11-13  Hansminor refactor
2018-11-13  Hansfurther improvements & simplifications
2018-11-12  Hansreset state to valid on invalid
2018-11-12  Hansuse ternary operator to reduce verbosity
2018-11-12  Hanssmall improvement
2018-11-12  Hanssimplifications, implemented more robust UTF-8 state...
2018-11-08  HansANY23-418 add additional unit tests
2018-11-08  Lewis John... ANY23-419 Add J2EE depednencies such that service runs...
2018-11-07  HansOops -- minor fixup
2018-11-06  HansANY23-418 improve TikaEncodingDetector
2018-10-30  HansANY23-395 fail early if not enough memory for OpenIE
2018-10-30  HansANY23-414 support reverse itemprops in microdata
2018-10-30  HansRequire strict isomorphism in all microdata tests....
2018-10-30  Hansrequire strict isomorphism w/online microdata tests...
2018-10-30  Hanscheck for itemscope before content, as per microdata...
2018-10-30  HansANY23-240 insert newlines where advisable in microdata
2018-10-29  HansANY23-38 remove references to JUL
2018-10-29  HansANY23-332 remove plugin properties from default config
2018-10-29  HansANY23-402 deprecate nonstandard JSONWriter
2018-10-29  HansANY23-406 Suppress unnecessary warnings
2018-10-29  HansANY23-154 allow unused itemprops
2018-10-27  Hansadd convenience factory methods to Setting
2018-10-27  Hansbump additional dependency versions
2018-10-27  HansANY23-401 update to Tika 1.19.1
2018-10-27  HansANY23-403 upgrade to RDF4J 2.4.0
2018-10-27  HansANY23-345 fix duplicated microdata test
2018-10-26  Hansfix javadoc for maven-javadoc-plugin
2018-10-26  Hansrename calendar test directories
2018-10-26  Hanssimplify Settings API
2018-10-26  HansANY23-67 remove obsolete RDF-conversion steps
2018-10-26  HansANY23-184 update microdata javadoc
2018-10-26  HansANY23-67 ignore remaining tests & refactor for parallelism 124/head
2018-10-25  Hansturn on strict flag
2018-10-25  Hansrefactor to take advantage of TripleWriterHandler from 396
2018-10-25  HansANY23-67 test against online microdata test-suite
2018-10-25  HansANY23-410 fix microdata itemrefs 130/head
2018-10-25  HansANY23-411 fix encoding detector
2018-10-25  HansSimplify MicrodataExtractor
2018-10-24  HansANY23-409 allow multiple microdata itemtype values 129/head
2018-10-24  HansANY23-408 Use document IRI as default namespace in... 128/head
2018-10-24  HansANY23-407 allow microdata itemids from relative urls 127/head
2018-10-24  HansANY23-405 Parse microdata property values correctly 126/head
2018-10-24  HansANY23-404 hardcode default microdata registry 125/head
2018-10-23  Hansspell it out for the maven-javadoc-plugin
2018-10-23  Hansvelocity doesn't allow dot-notation
2018-10-23  HansANY23-396 Overhaul WriterFactory API 122/head
2018-09-25  Lewis John... ANY23-399 Upgrade Apache parent POM to version 21 123/head
2018-09-06  Lewis John... Merge branch 'ANY23-393'
2018-08-30  Jacek GrzebytaANY23-392 add configuration for maven-jetty-plugin
2018-08-29  Lewis John... Merge branch 'master' into ANY23-393 120/head
2018-08-29  HansUse ical:dateTime for floating date-time values, as...
2018-08-29  Hansuse ical:calAddress instead of rdf:value for CAL-ADDRES...
2018-08-29  HansImprove handling of external or unrecognized ICAL timezones
2018-08-27  HansANY23-390 ical tests, support for params, datatypes... 118/head
2018-08-25  Lewis John... ANY23-393 Any23 master to build under JDK 10.X
2018-08-23  Jacek GrzebytaAdd configuration for maven-jetty-plugin 119/head
2018-08-21  HansANY23-390 implement ICal, JCal, and XCal extractors
2018-08-20  HansANY23-391 fix ICAL vocab
2018-08-20  larsgsvenssonANY23-388 made field writer and default constructor... 117/head
2018-08-17  HansANY23-373 fix install page by piping through Velocity 116/head
2018-08-17  HansANY23-389 fix html base elements for RDFa
2018-08-08  HansCatch more JSON parsing errors
2018-08-06  Hansadded license to test file
2018-08-06  Hanssanity check: added another JSON-cleaning test case
2018-08-06  Hansimprove JsonCleaningInputStream
2018-08-06  Hansimprove JsonCleaningInputStream
2018-08-05  HansANY23-385 improve encoding detection 115/head
2018-08-04  Hansfixup
2018-08-04  HansANY23-383 allow all unicode space characters in JSON-LD 114/head