2018-05-25  Scott WegnerFix typo in README.md master
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2018-05-08  Thomas WeiseFix broken links (except blogs)
2018-05-01  Pramod ImmaneniUpdated announcements for apex core 3.7.0
2018-05-01  Thomas WeiseUpdate docs page.
2018-04-28  Pramod ImmaneniUsing www.apache.org for the keys and hashes
2018-04-28  Pramod ImmaneniRemoved md5 and adjusted sha links
2018-04-28  Pramod ImmaneniUpdates for apex-core release 3.7.0
2018-04-21  Thomas WeiseAdd ApacheCon event promotion
2017-12-20  Pramod ImmaneniAPEXCORE-801 Added committer guidelines for CVE vulnera...
2017-12-07  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-799 touch-up for release process
2017-12-02  AnanthAPEXCORE-799.Fix-documentation-for-release-process
2017-11-12  AnanthUpdate announcements for malhar release 3.8
2017-11-12  AnanthUpdating roadmap
2017-11-12  Ananthupdated releases
2017-11-12  Thomas WeiseFix fetch releases after move to gitbox
2017-11-10  AnanthAPEXCORE-794.ReleaseGuidelines-show-incorrect-sha-extension
2017-10-14  Vlad RozovAPEXCORE-787 Add inactive PR policy to contribution...
2017-08-30  Michelle Xiaotracking download button click event
2017-08-30  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-685 update contributor guidelines and reposito... 78/head
2017-08-29  Pramod ImmaneniApex Strata New York 2017 announcement
2017-08-13  Thomas Weiseregenerate roadmap and update openhub link
2017-07-09  Vlad RozovChanged default mail archive to mailing list from mod_mbox 76/head
2017-05-18  Pramod ImmaneniAPEXCORE-721 Updated announcements to malhar 3.7.0... 75/head
2017-05-07  Thomas WeiseUpdating roadmap
2017-05-07  Thomas Weiseupdated releases
2017-05-07  Thomas Weisefixes to release instructions 74/head
2017-04-21  Dean LockgaardAPEXCORE-693 update 3rd party downloads, include binary... 73/head
2017-04-05  Dean LockgaardAPEXCORE-469 fix fetch-releases script to work with... 72/head
2017-04-01  Thomas Weisereleases.json update instructions are broken.
2017-04-01  Thomas WeiseFixes to release instructions.
2017-04-01  Thomas Weiseupdated releases
2017-03-22  Thomas WeiseClarify who can subscribe to the security list. 71/head
2017-03-18  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-526 add apex-core user docs links to download... 70/head
2017-03-14  chinmaykolhatkarUpdating rpm & deb packages for apex from bigtop 69/head
2017-03-08  chinmaykolhatkarUpdating malhar demos -> examples 68/head
2017-01-09  Thomas WeiseRemove selective meetup group listing. 66/head
2016-12-31  Thomas WeiseRemove obsolete announcements page.
2016-12-31  Thomas WeiseMerge branch 'powered-by-apex1' of https://github.com...
2016-12-29  Michelle XiaoUpdate Apex Malhar Library 3.6.0 link on Home page... 65/head
2016-12-23  Sandeep DeshmukhUpdating Powered by Apex page to include Ellicium and... 64/head
2016-12-21  Pramod ImmaneniMerge branch 'apexcore-553' of github.com:mx4web/apex...
2016-12-20  Michelle XiaoAdding Google Analytics tracking code and privacy footer 63/head
2016-12-20  Thomas WeiseShow only unresolved issues in roadmap, fix source...
2016-12-19  Thomas WeiseUpdate announcements, downloads, roadmap.
2016-12-08  Thomas WeiseChange the javadoc link to point to new location.
2016-12-08  Thomas WeiseUpdate download page for Malhar 3.6 release.
2016-11-29  sashadtAdding FIS and Oraxi to powered-by-apex page
2016-11-27  Thomas WeiseUpdate release instructions.
2016-11-21  Sandeep DeshmukhUpdating Powered by Apex page to include geniSIGHTS... 62/head
2016-11-08  Sandeep DeshmukhAdding Xavient and SIT, Pune to powered by apex page. 61/head
2016-10-27  Thomas WeiseRemove outdated presentation link. 60/head
2016-10-21  Thomas WeiseRemove upcoming meetups widget from home page. 59/head
2016-10-13  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-514 Remove Announcements, add Events under... 58/head
2016-10-12  Thomas WeiseMerge branch 'apexcore-514.apexwebsite' of https:/...
2016-10-12  Michelle XiaoAPEXCORE-514 Further navigation changes 57/head
2016-10-11  Thomas WeiseCommunity page meetup section and other minor cleanups. 56/head
2016-10-10  David YanMerge commit 'refs/pull/55/head' of github.com:apache...
2016-10-10  Thomas WeiseAdd recurring requests for PR handling. 55/head
2016-10-10  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-546 add use case links to powered by page. 54/head
2016-10-10  Thomas WeiseMerge branch 'apexcore-514.apexwebsite' of https:/...
2016-10-10  Michelle XiaoAPEXCORE-514 Improve Apex Website navigations 52/head
2016-10-09  Thomas Weisefix wrapping
2016-10-08  Thomas WeiseUpdate index page with new features heading. 53/head
2016-09-29  Thomas WeiseUpdate presentation links and roadmap.
2016-09-27  Vlad RozovMentioned enforcing no trailing whitespaces by checkstyle. 51/head
2016-09-16  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-534 Improve contributor setup instructions. 50/head
2016-09-07  Thomas WeiseFix links.
2016-09-06  Thomas WeiseUpdates for Malhar 3.5.0.
2016-08-31  David YanCorrected verification instruction. Apex -> Apex Core...
2016-08-31  Thomas WeiseContributors to add JIRA number in PR title. This close...
2016-08-29  Thomas WeiseFix documentation deployment steps. 48/head
2016-08-17  Thomas WeiseUpdating roadmap
2016-08-17  Thomas WeiseEncode parentheses in link to keep renderer happy.
2016-08-17  Thomas WeiseAdd candidate JIRA list link to contributing section. 47/head
2016-08-15  Thomas WeiseAdd git user/email configuration to the setup steps.
2016-08-15  Thomas WeiseFix meetup link, remove exta heading.
2016-08-15  Thomas WeiseMerge branch 'malhar-contribution' of https://github...
2016-08-14  Pramod ImmaneniAdded malhar contribution guidelines 44/head
2016-08-02  Ashwin Chandra... update docs to add blog link 46/head
2016-07-30  Thomas WeiseRemove old meetup entry.
2016-07-29  Thomas WeiseMerge branch 'poweredby-additions' of https://github...
2016-07-28  Thomas WeiseMerge branch 'documentation-in-release' of https:/...
2016-07-28  Pramod ImmaneniAdded releasing documentation to the release process 42/head
2016-07-26  Pramod ImmaneniAdded new Apex companies, university and minor content... 45/head
2016-07-19  David YanFixed typo
2016-07-19  sashadtSpelling and caps fixes for powered-by-apex page
2016-07-16  Thomas WeiseUpdate meetups.
2016-07-15  sashadtAdding Powered by Apex page 43/head
2016-06-30  David Yanfixed grammar
2016-06-30  David Yanfixed typo
2016-06-24  Munagala V... Add link to Beginner's Guide
2016-06-24  Thomas WeiseFix meetup widget duplicat entries.
2016-06-23  Chinmay KolhatkarUpdating docker path to apacheapex docker hub repo 41/head
2016-06-19  Thomas WeiseChange download links after moving the core releases.
2016-06-19  Thomas WeiseAdd another meetup.
2016-06-19  Thomas WeiseUpdate people.md to refer to ASF committee info instead...
2016-06-08  David Yanupdated version
2016-06-06  sashadtUpdating Apache Apex front page with Announcements... 36/head
2016-06-04  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-442 remove incubating references