2019-12-20  Martin StockhammerRemoving source from deprecated module master
2019-10-16  Martin StockhammerDeprecating modello-plugins
2018-12-30  olivier lamysimplif Jenkinsfile and fix scm in pom
2018-12-30  olivier lamysimplif Jenkinsfile and fix scm in pom
2018-12-30  olivier lamysimplif Jenkinsfile and fix scm in pom
2018-12-29  olivier lamysinplify Jenkinsfile
2018-12-11  Martin StockhammerApplying changes for git publish
2018-04-17  Martin StockhammerJenkinsfile modifications
2018-04-16  Martin StockhammerAdding clean step and maven settings for build
2018-04-16  Martin StockhammerRemoving relative path for parent
2018-04-16  Martin StockhammerAdding jenkings pipeline file
2018-04-15  Martin StockhammerChanging scm url and improving site generation
2018-04-09  Martin StockhammerChanging parent version
2018-04-09  Martin StockhammerAdding ignore file
2014-09-20  Eric Barbonispring version 4.1.0 update
2014-07-20  Olivier Lamyupgrade versions
2014-05-26  Olivier Lamyspring 4.0.5
2014-04-12  Olivier Lamytry with resources
2014-04-08  Olivier Lamytry with resources
2014-04-05  Olivier Lamyuse diamond
2014-04-05  Olivier Lamy1.7
2014-01-16  Olivier Lamyuse a staged released parent
2013-11-22  Olivier Lamyupgrade plexus-utils version
2013-11-22  Olivier Lamyupgrade to last spring version
2013-05-06  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-05-06  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release modello-plugins-1.0
2013-05-06  Olivier Lamyuse staged release
2013-05-05  Olivier Lamyfix various path for deployment
2013-05-05  Olivier Lamybetter site deployment mode
2013-04-28  Olivier Lamyback to parent snapshot
2013-04-27  Olivier Lamyuse staged released parent
2013-04-18  Olivier Lamytest with last derby version
2013-02-19  Olivier Lamysite descriptor
2013-02-19  Olivier Lamyfix site deployment
2013-02-19  Olivier Lamyfix site deployment
2013-02-19  Olivier Lamyadd description
2013-02-19  Olivier Lamyfix name
2013-02-19  Olivier Lamysnapshot repo not anymore needed modello 1.7 has been...
2013-02-19  Olivier Lamyuse modell 1.7 release
2013-02-19  Olivier Lamyversion defined in parent
2013-02-16  Olivier Lamyadd reporting section
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamyimprove it test
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamyadd it test
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamyfix missing dependencies
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamyback missing mojos
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamycredit back to original author
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamylater for ir
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamyremove content created by archetype
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamystart importing jpox maven plugins and fix build with...
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamymove this module to a better place
2013-02-15  Olivier Lamymove this module to a better place
2012-11-29  Olivier Lamyignore unit test as modello as changed too much and...
2012-11-29  Olivier Lamyfix some dependencies for unit tests
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyfix junit
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamymove modello artifacts to root pom dependencyManagement
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyadd modello-plugin-java dependency for test
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyrepackage modello-plugin-store module
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyrepackage modello-plugin-jpox module
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyrepackage db-keyword module
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyfix compilation
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyfix license headers in plugin store
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyfix license headers
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyfix license header in sources
2012-11-28  Olivier Lamyimport modello plugins sources we used