2014-08-05  Brett Porterallow moving across filesystems trunk trunk
2014-08-05  Brett Porterremove empty directories
2014-08-01  Brett Porterconsumer to move old releases to an archive location
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamyall tests pass so move out metadata-store-cassandra...
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamycassandra host from system property
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamyuse dynamic port for cassandra testing
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamyremove non needed file
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamymove cassandra version to a property
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamyfix pom
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamyfix unit test
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamyfix typo which fix test :-)
2013-06-10  Olivier Lamyfix collection for ProjectVersionMetadataModel
2013-06-09  Olivier Lamyfix retrieve facets when searching artifact
2013-06-09  Olivier Lamyfix storage of metadatafacet
2013-06-09  Olivier Lamyfix storage of metadatafacet
2013-06-09  Olivier Lamyfix storing MetadataFacet at repository level with...
2013-06-07  Olivier Lamyfix metadatfacet with getProjectVersion
2013-06-05  Olivier Lamyfix getNamespaces with sparse depth
2013-06-05  Olivier Lamyfix getArtifactVersions
2013-06-05  Olivier Lamycleanup duplicate dependencies
2013-06-05  Olivier Lamycleanup dependencies
2013-06-05  Olivier Lamyfix getNamespaces
2013-06-04  Olivier Lamyfix removeProjectVersion
2013-06-04  Olivier Lamyfix removeArtifact
2013-06-04  Olivier Lamyfix removeProject
2013-06-04  Olivier Lamyfix getProjects
2013-06-03  Olivier Lamyfix getProjectVersions
2013-06-03  Olivier Lamyremove test code and add debug log
2013-06-03  Olivier Lamyfix getProjectVersion
2013-06-03  Olivier Lamyoups fix compilation
2013-06-03  Olivier Lamymake the constructor and fields more clear
2013-06-02  Olivier Lamyfix test when adding project
2013-06-02  Olivier Lamynew parent version
2013-06-01  Olivier Lamyfix removeProjectVersion
2013-06-01  Olivier Lamyfix delete artifact
2013-06-01  Olivier Lamyfix removeProject
2013-06-01  Olivier Lamyfix deleting repository
2013-05-30  Olivier Lamyfix more unit tests
2013-05-30  Olivier Lamyfix possible NPE
2013-05-30  Olivier Lamycatch PersistenceException to correctly chain the exception
2013-05-30  Olivier Lamyfix unit tests
2013-05-29  Olivier Lamyfix unit tests
2013-05-27  Olivier Lamycassandra flush data directly whereas other repositorie...
2013-05-27  Olivier Lamytodo done :-)
2013-05-27  Olivier Lamysnapshot repo not needed anymore
2013-05-27  Olivier Lamyfix update of artifacts
2013-05-27  Olivier Lamyuse last parent snapshot
2013-05-25  Olivier Lamydo not clean datas after each test
2013-05-25  Olivier Lamyuse long rather than Date for cassandra storage
2013-05-25  Olivier Lamyuse same type to ease bean replication
2013-05-22  Olivier Lamyimplement more methods
2013-05-22  Olivier Lamyimplement more methods
2013-05-22  Olivier Lamyfix artifactId
2013-05-22  Olivier Lamyfix name
2013-05-21  Olivier Lamylicense header
2013-05-21  Olivier Lamymore implementations with cassandra
2013-05-21  Olivier Lamymissing license header
2013-05-21  Olivier Lamyimplement metadata facet wit cassandra
2013-05-21  Olivier Lamycleanup datas between tests
2013-05-20  Olivier Lamyadd init git svn script
2013-05-20  Olivier Lamystart implementation for project storing
2013-05-19  Olivier Lamyfix non supported operation
2013-05-19  Olivier Lamyadd some trace log
2013-05-19  Olivier Lamyadd some debug
2013-05-19  Olivier Lamyoups fix copy/paste
2013-05-19  Olivier Lamytest if table already exist before creation
2013-05-19  Olivier Lamyfix searching namespaces
2013-05-16  Olivier Lamyshorter name
2013-05-16  Olivier Lamyfix naming
2013-05-16  Olivier Lamyfix naming
2013-05-16  Olivier Lamyconfigure repository test tck
2013-05-16  Olivier Lamyadd Namespace.KeyBuilder
2013-05-16  Olivier Lamyadd a FIXME :-)
2013-05-16  Olivier Lamyremove kundera tests
2013-05-16  Olivier Lamyuse astyanax
2013-05-14  Olivier Lamysimplify mapping
2013-05-14  Olivier Lamycommit test for share issue with Kundera folks
2013-05-13  Olivier Lamyimprove test
2013-05-12  Olivier Lamyadd missing license header
2013-05-12  Olivier Lamyfix unit for add repository/namespace
2013-05-09  Olivier Lamypush some stuff most does not work but it is a sort...
2013-05-09  Olivier LamyKundera pull request accepted possible now to use snaps...
2013-05-09  Olivier Lamypull request accepted so remove comment
2013-05-08  Olivier Lamyadd comment
2013-05-08  Olivier Lamypossible to exclude hibernate core
2013-05-08  Olivier Lamylicense headers
2013-05-08  Olivier Lamyno need of creating space Kundera does it
2013-05-08  Olivier Lamyfix some dependencies
2013-05-08  Olivier Lamystart working with Kundera
2013-05-07  Olivier Lamyignore
2013-05-07  Olivier Lamyrename to cassandra
2013-05-07  Olivier Lamyoups bad commit
2013-05-07  Olivier Lamystart job (really a start) medata store for cassandra...
2013-01-18  Brett Portermove to trunk
2013-01-18  Brett Portermove to trunk
2013-01-18  Brett Portermove to trunk
2012-09-03  Olivier Lamycleanup
2012-09-03  Olivier Lamytest
2011-10-29  Olivier Lamy[MRM-1547] release an archetype to create consumer
2011-10-29  Olivier Lamyarchiva version is now filtered in the archetype pom