descriptionApache Aries JAX RS Whiteboard
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 28 Feb 2017 19:29:23 +0000 (19:29 +0000)
2017-02-28  Tim WardUpdate to use the official OSGi dependencies master
2017-02-24  Raymond Auge[ARIES-JAXRS] simplify logging config
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraSource formatting and reorganization
2017-02-24  Raymond Auge[ARIES-JAXRS] use constants, general cleanup
2017-02-24  Raymond Auge[ARIES-JAXRS] simplify using latest bnd maven plugins
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraAdd support for services lifecycle
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraClean imports
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraReadd support for application extension
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraDeploy extensions in default application
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraDeploy raw services in the same application
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraUse assert properly
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraImplemented wait for extensions
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraMoved to component dsl
2017-02-24  Carlos SierraWe no longer extend applications with registered services
2017-02-23  Raymond Auge[ARIES-CDI] use the OSGi snapshot API
2017-01-04  Christian Schneider[ARIES-1651] Add repositories for mvn deploy
2 months ago master
2 months ago new-spec-with-component-dsl