2021-09-18  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development... master
2021-09-18  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.aries... org.apache.aries.rsa-1.17.0
2021-09-14  Tim WardUse the correct parent and group id for mDNS discovery
2021-09-14  Tim WardAdd support for discovery using mDNS
2021-09-14  Tim WardSpecify the supported intents as a String[] not a singl...
2021-09-14  Tim WardEnsure that Local Discovery tracks all listeners
2021-09-14  Tim WardEnsure that Export References are closed when the servi...
2021-03-10  Amichai RothmanARIES-2043 - Fix LocalDiscovery not updated when listen...
2021-03-10  Amichai RothmanClean up LocalDiscovery
2021-03-10  Amichai RothmanARIES-2042 - Add missing local discovery dependency...
2021-03-09  Amichai RothmanUpdate some code that doesn't compile against zookeeper...
2021-02-15  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2021-02-15  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.aries... org.apache.aries.rsa-1.16.0
2021-02-15  Christian SchneiderRevert "[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org...
2021-02-15  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.aries...
2020-10-21  Amichai RothmanRemove double spaces
2020-10-21  Amichai RothmanARIES-2015 - Upgrade pax-exam to 4.13.4
2020-10-21  Amichai RothmanARIES-2014 - Upgrade pax-url-aether to 2.6.2
2020-10-13  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2020-10-13  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.aries... org.apache.aries.rsa-1.15.0
2020-10-13  Christian SchneiderFix ref in javadoc
2020-03-04  Jonathan LeitschuhUse HTTPS instead of HTTP to resolve dependencies ...
2019-11-20  Christian SchneiderAvoid cycle between packages
2019-11-20  Christian SchneiderARIES-1944 - Make sure closed ImportRegistrations are...
2019-11-17  Christian SchneiderFactor out diffing of imported and possible (#39)
2019-11-16  Christian SchneiderARIES-1780 - Fix cycle between packages
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanRefactor TopologyManagerImport 38/head
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanFix typo in promiscuous policy capability
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanLittle refactorings
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanFix indentation and whitespace
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanRemove explicit type arguments
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanFix Interest logs
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanRemove redundant null check
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanRemove redundant casts
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanFix invalid maven-surefire-report-plugin version
2019-11-14  Amichai RothmanFix typos
2019-11-13  Arnoud GlimmerveenARIES-1943 Changed TopologyManager importer logic to...
2019-11-13  Christian SchneiderARIES-1942 - Use annotation based bundle configs (#35)
2019-11-12  Amichai RothmanStandardize license headers
2019-11-12  Amichai RothmanFix TopologyManagerImport concurrency
2019-11-12  Amichai RothmanRemove redundant semicolon
2019-11-11  Amichai RothmanMade MultiMap key a generic type 37/head
2019-11-11  Amichai RothmanSimplify MultiMap
2019-11-10  Christian SchneiderARIES-1780 - Improved design
2019-11-10  Arnoud GlimmerveenTwo inconsistency introduced with ARIES-1941: (#34)
2019-11-09  Arnoud GlimmerveenARIES-1941 Addressed synchronization inconsistency...
2019-11-09  Christian SchneiderARIES-1780 - Redesign of zookeeper discovery using DS
2019-11-08  Arnoud GlimmerveenARIES-1940 Handle failure that can happen during servic...
2019-10-29  Christian SchneiderARIES-1937 - Require Java 8
2019-10-28  Christian SchneiderARIES-1780 - Start zookeeper synchronously as it should...
2019-10-28  Christian SchneiderARIES-1780 - Use DS instead of Activator
2019-10-28  Christian SchneiderARIES-1780 - Use logback in itests
2019-10-28  Christian SchneiderARIES-1936 - Switch zookeeper starter to DS and mockito
2019-05-28  Amichai RothmanARIES-1751 - Fix typo in namespace URL 29/head
2019-05-20  Christian SchneiderUpdate
2019-05-16  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2019-05-16  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.aries... org.apache.aries.rsa-1.14.0
2019-05-16  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #28 from amichair/illegalstate
2019-05-16  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #27 from amichair/dependency-upgrades
2019-05-16  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #26 from amichair/itest-ports
2019-05-16  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #25 from amichair/ARIES-1913
2019-05-16  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #24 from amichair/ARIES-1907
2019-05-16  Amichai RothmanOrganize itests server port config 26/head
2019-05-16  Amichai RothmanAdd explicit IllegalStateException in exportService... 28/head
2019-05-16  Amichai RothmanUpgrade Pax Exam to 4.13.0 27/head
2019-05-16  Amichai RothmanUpgrade ZooKeeper to 3.4.14
2019-05-16  Amichai RothmanARIES-1913 - Fix event properties 25/head
2019-05-16  Amichai RothmanARIES-1907 - Fix IllegalStateException when stopping... 24/head
2019-05-16  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #23 from amichair/cleanup
2019-05-16  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #22 from amichair/fix-fastbin-activator
2019-05-15  Amichai RothmanFix typos 23/head
2019-05-15  Amichai RothmanRemove redundant semicolons
2019-05-15  Amichai RothmanFix missing whitespace between parameters
2019-05-15  Amichai RothmanImprove fastbin activator thread safety 22/head
2019-05-15  Amichai RothmanFix fastbin activator starting twice in succession
2019-05-14  Amichai RothmanFix typo in class name
2019-05-13  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #20 from amichair/refactorings
2019-05-13  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #19 from amichair/ARIES-1906
2019-03-28  Amichai RothmanMigrated to Java 7's diamond operator 20/head
2019-03-28  Amichai Rothmanmany little refactorings
2019-03-28  Amichai RothmanARIES-1906 - Regression - export of superclass interfac... 19/head
2019-02-14  Christian SchneiderMerge pull request #18 from apache/cschneider-patch-1
2019-02-11  Christian SchneiderUpdate 18/head
2018-10-18  Christian SchneiderARIES-1846 - Allow import of clusterinfo services
2018-10-18  Christian SchneiderARIES-1851 - Avoid NoClassDefFoundError ZooTrace
2018-10-18  Christian SchneiderARIES-1850 - Create events for local service modification
2018-10-18  Christian SchneiderRemove unused import
2018-10-18  Christian SchneiderARIES-1847 - Avoid IllegalArgumentException: Path canno...
2018-10-01  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-10-01  Christian Schneider[maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.apache.aries... org.apache.aries.rsa-1.13.0
2018-10-01  Christian SchneiderUpdate SCM link
2018-09-28  Christian SchneiderARIES-1840 - Use ConcurrentHashMap to avoid ConcurrentM...
2018-09-28  Christian SchneiderARIES-1839 - Fix createBasePath to not create invalid...
2018-09-28  Christian SchneiderARIES-1838 - Correctly register watcher for znode data...
2018-09-28  Christian SchneiderFix import
2018-09-28  Christian SchneiderARIES-1837 - Avoid ConcurrentModificationException...
2018-09-28  Christian SchneiderUnify logging message
2018-09-27  Christian SchneiderARIES-1788 - Skip service if it is null
2018-09-27  Christian SchneiderARIES-1817 - Make sure we send remove events - thanks...
2018-09-27  Christian SchneiderARIES-1779 - Upgrade to zookeeper 3.4.13