2021-09-09  Tim Ward[ARIES-Typed-Events][maven-release-plugin] 2.0.1 prepar... main
2021-09-09  Tim Ward[ARIES-Typed-Events][maven-release-plugin] 2.0.1 prepar... typedevent-0.0.1-RC1
2021-09-09  Tim WardAdd missing license headers before release
2021-09-09  Tim WardFix JavaDoc ahead of creating a first release
2021-09-08  Tim WardSwitch to the RC1 API jar from OSGi
2021-09-07  Tim WardUse the registering bundle to load the event type
2021-09-07  Stefan Bischofadd whitespace in log
2021-09-07  Stefan Bischoffix OSGi Spec version
2021-09-07  Stefan Bischofrename ThreadName of EventBus to Aries
2021-09-07  Tim WardFix the advertised implementation capability to match...
2021-08-12  Tim WardEnforce the topic and event checks required by the...
2021-06-23  Tim WardUpdate poms to allow remote to build reliably
2020-10-02  Tim WardAdd some basic readme documentation
2020-10-01  Tim WardAllow the remoting implementation to configure which...
2020-10-01  Tim WardInitial support for remote events using OSGi Remote...
2020-10-01  Tim WardCorrect the JavaDoc in unit tests
2020-09-18  Tim WardUse the Component DSL to run the whiteboard, contribute...
2020-09-11  Tim WardInitial contribution of a minimal Typed Event Service