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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 18 Oct 2018 06:53:39 +0000 (09:53 +0300)
2018-10-18  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated Change For Active Suspend... master
2018-10-15  Ali AlsulimanUpdate Asterix/Hyracks dependency in asterix-bad
2018-10-05  Ian MaxonUpdate Asterix dependency
2018-08-15  Abdullah AlamoudiFix tuple translators with extension datasets
2018-08-14  Steven Glenn... Fix formatting of broker notification
2018-08-10  Steven Glenn... Fixed bug with pull-based channel
2018-08-03  Steven Glenn... Delay result type evaluation until creating physical...
2018-07-28  Till Westmann[ASTERIXDB-2314][HYR] Dataset in class names in Hyracks
2018-07-18  Abdullah AlamoudiPass executor context and client id to extention statements
2018-07-12  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Add Required Test Classes Dependency
2018-07-10  Abdullah AlamoudiRemove unneeded throws declaration
2018-07-10  Steven Glenn... Coordinated change for ASTERIXDB-2405
2018-07-06  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated Change for Multi-Statement
2018-06-20  Steven Glenn... Improve performance of NotifyBrokerRuntime code
2018-06-15  Till WestmannCoordinated change to support parameterized queries
2018-06-06  Xikui WangCoordinated Change for Align VarCounter in query rewritting
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