descriptionBAD project
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 16 Mar 2018 19:36:49 +0000 (12:36 -0700)
4 days ago  Steven Glenn... Add timeout to Broker connection for notifications master
6 days ago  Michael BlowCoordinated change for https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci...
2018-02-14  Steven Glenn... [ASTERIXDB-1972] Coordinated Change
2018-02-11  Michael Blow[NO ISSUE] Use enum for Statement.Kind
2018-02-09  Ian MaxonCoordinated BAD change for release merge gerrit/master
2018-02-06  Murtadha Hubail[ASTERIXDB-2276][BAD] Coordinated Change
2018-02-04  Michael BlowCoordinated change for https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci...
2018-02-03  Xikui Wang[NO ISSUE][BAD] DeployedJobEventListener and test case fix
2018-01-29  Steven Glenn... [ASTERIXDB-2244] Coordinated change
2018-01-23  Michael BlowCoordinated change for code formatting change
2018-01-23  Ian MaxonAlter extension config for BAD
2018-01-20  Steven Glenn... Enable dependencies in the metadata for BAD entities
2018-01-17  Murtadha Hubail[ASTERIXDB-2249][BAD] Coordinated Change
2017-12-15  Steven Glenn... Coordinated Change for ASTERIXDB-2170
2017-12-14  Ian Maxon[NO ISSUE] Eliminate BAD dependency on managix
2017-12-11  Steven Glenn... Prevent case where drop channel hangs indefinitely
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