2020-09-19  Xikui WangEnabling Filters on Active Datasets master
2020-08-28  Xikui WangCoordinated Change for CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION
2020-08-26  Xikui WangCoordinated Change for Specify Node Group in Dataset...
2020-08-21  Xikui WangIntroducing BAD-CQ
2020-07-30  Xikui Wang[NO ISSUE][BAD] Bring the BAD Branch to master
2020-04-05  Murtadha HubailCoordinated Change For Index Only Property
2020-03-05  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for external function improvements
2020-03-03  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for non-deterministic udf support
2020-02-05  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for function metadata cleanup
2020-02-03  Ian MaxonCoordinated change for CREATE FUNCTION w/ UDFs
2020-01-08  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for SqlppDeleteRewriteVisitor refact...
2019-11-26  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for SQL++ grammar refactoring
2019-11-19  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for extensible MetadataProvider
2019-11-14  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change to adopt multipart dataverse names
2019-10-15  Michael BlowCoordinated change for compression default to enabled
2019-10-04  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated change for Identifier cleanup
2019-09-20  luochen[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated Change for ConcurrentMergeP...
2019-07-09  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][BAD] Instantiate evaluators with IEvaluatorC...
2019-05-27  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated Change for ResponsePrinter
2019-03-23  Michael Blow[NO ISSUE][BAD] format source to code convention
2019-03-23  Michael Blow[NO ISSUE][BAD] Re-order imports
2019-02-16  Michael Blow[NO ISSUE] Fix BAD build to work with Java 11
2019-02-09  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Remove Deprecated IStatementExecutorContext
2019-02-09  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated Change for Request Parameters
2019-02-01  Murtadha Hubail[ASTERIXDB-2513][BAD] Adapt to DateTime API Change
2018-12-28  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated change for window functions...
2018-12-11  Murtadha HubailMerge "[ASTERIXDB-2490][BAD] Coordinated Change For...
2018-12-09  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated Change For Merge Commit...
2018-12-05  Murtadha Hubail[ASTERIXDB-2490][BAD] Coordinated Change For Encrypted IPC
2018-10-18  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated Change For Active Suspend...
2018-10-15  Ali AlsulimanUpdate Asterix/Hyracks dependency in asterix-bad
2018-10-05  Ian MaxonUpdate Asterix dependency
2018-08-15  Abdullah AlamoudiFix tuple translators with extension datasets
2018-08-14  Steven Glenn... Fix formatting of broker notification
2018-08-10  Steven Glenn... Fixed bug with pull-based channel
2018-08-03  Steven Glenn... Delay result type evaluation until creating physical...
2018-07-28  Till Westmann[ASTERIXDB-2314][HYR] Dataset in class names in Hyracks
2018-07-18  Abdullah AlamoudiPass executor context and client id to extention statements
2018-07-12  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Add Required Test Classes Dependency
2018-07-10  Abdullah AlamoudiRemove unneeded throws declaration
2018-07-10  Steven Glenn... Coordinated change for ASTERIXDB-2405
2018-07-06  Murtadha Hubail[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated Change for Multi-Statement
2018-06-20  Steven Glenn... Improve performance of NotifyBrokerRuntime code
2018-06-15  Till WestmannCoordinated change to support parameterized queries
2018-06-06  Xikui WangCoordinated Change for Align VarCounter in query rewritting
2018-06-05  Steven Glenn... Coordinated change for ASTERIXDB-2391
2018-06-05  Steven Glenn... Fix Timing issue on Channel test
2018-05-29  Steven Glenn... Coordinated change for ASTERIXDB-2393
2018-05-21  Steven Glenn... Redeploy channels and procedures during recovery
2018-05-16  Steven Glenn... Coordinated change to redeploy job specs
2018-05-07  Steven Glenn... Allow BAD jobs to update their specifications to use...
2018-04-12  Steven Glenn... Add push-based channels and improve broker notifications
2018-03-27  Michael BlowCoordinated change for https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci...
2018-03-16  Steven Glenn... Add timeout to Broker connection for notifications
2018-03-14  Michael BlowCoordinated change for https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci...
2018-02-14  Steven Glenn... [ASTERIXDB-1972] Coordinated Change
2018-02-11  Michael Blow[NO ISSUE] Use enum for Statement.Kind
2018-02-09  Ian MaxonCoordinated BAD change for release merge gerrit/master
2018-02-06  Murtadha Hubail[ASTERIXDB-2276][BAD] Coordinated Change
2018-02-04  Michael BlowCoordinated change for https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci...
2018-02-03  Xikui Wang[NO ISSUE][BAD] DeployedJobEventListener and test case fix
2018-01-29  Steven Glenn... [ASTERIXDB-2244] Coordinated change
2018-01-23  Michael BlowCoordinated change for code formatting change
2018-01-23  Ian MaxonAlter extension config for BAD
2018-01-20  Steven Glenn... Enable dependencies in the metadata for BAD entities
2018-01-17  Murtadha Hubail[ASTERIXDB-2249][BAD] Coordinated Change
2017-12-15  Steven Glenn... Coordinated Change for ASTERIXDB-2170
2017-12-14  Ian Maxon[NO ISSUE] Eliminate BAD dependency on managix
2017-12-11  Steven Glenn... Prevent case where drop channel hangs indefinitely
2017-11-29  Steven Glenn... Coordinated change to change merge policy syntax
2017-11-21  Murtadha HubailCoordinated Change For Removing Temporary Datasets
2017-11-14  Steven Glenn... Added parameterized procedures
2017-11-12  Murtadha HubailEnsure Job Destroyed on Channel Drop
2017-11-09  Till Westmann[NO ISSUE][FAIL] Replace MetadataException by Algebrick...
2017-10-05  Murtadha HubailAdapt to QueryTranslator Changes
2017-09-22  Xikui Wang[NO-ISSUE] Update PrecompiledJobEventListener interface
2017-09-19  Murtadha Hubail[ASTERIXDB-1973][BAD] Coordinated changes for IStatemen...
2017-08-28  Abdullah AlamoudiUpdate AsterixDB and Hyracks versions
2017-08-22  Till WestmannAdapt to New SQL++ Model
2017-08-15  Abdullah AlamoudiRemove explicit creation of metadata provider config
2017-08-09  Abdullah AlamoudiReplace byte value with enum for active events
2017-07-26  Till WestmannSeparate Predistributed Jobs from other Active Jobs
2017-06-29  Xikui Wang[BAD][RT] EventListener change to accommondate the...
2017-06-03  Michael BlowCoordinated change for https://asterix-gerrit.ics.uci...
2017-05-12  Till WestmannMatch SessionOutput changes from Asterix
2017-05-09  Steven Glenn... Match plan printing changes from Asterix
2017-04-25  Steven Glenn... Update Asterix version numbers
2017-04-21  Steven Glenn... Remove use of static ctx
2017-04-19  Steven Glenn... Move BAD from AQL to SQL++
2017-04-15  Abdullah AlamoudiUpdate Tuple Translator signatures for BAD entities
2017-04-06  Steven Glenn... Comment out test temporarily to make BAD compat build
2017-04-05  Steven Glenn... Added long-term test to verify pre-distributed jobs fix
2017-03-29  Steven Glenn... Add License Headers for Apache Rat
2017-03-16  Steven Glenn... Matched Master Change
2017-03-13  Steven Glenn... Match Master method changes
2017-03-10  Steven Glenn... Fixed to work with AsterixDB changes
2017-03-01  Steven Glenn... Updated BAD to work with recent Asterix changes
2017-02-24  Steven Glenn... Added Procedures to BAD
2017-02-03  Steven Glenn... Updated for Asterix change to remove IStorageComponentP...
2017-01-24  Steven Glenn... Updated Asterix version number