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2020-09-19  Xikui WangEnabling Filters on Active Datasets master
2020-08-28  Xikui WangCoordinated Change for CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION
2020-08-26  Xikui WangCoordinated Change for Specify Node Group in Dataset...
2020-08-21  Xikui WangIntroducing BAD-CQ
2020-07-30  Xikui Wang[NO ISSUE][BAD] Bring the BAD Branch to master
2020-04-05  Murtadha HubailCoordinated Change For Index Only Property
2020-03-05  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for external function improvements
2020-03-03  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for non-deterministic udf support
2020-02-05  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for function metadata cleanup
2020-02-03  Ian MaxonCoordinated change for CREATE FUNCTION w/ UDFs
2020-01-08  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for SqlppDeleteRewriteVisitor refact...
2019-11-26  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for SQL++ grammar refactoring
2019-11-19  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change for extensible MetadataProvider
2019-11-14  Dmitry LychaginCoordinated change to adopt multipart dataverse names
2019-10-15  Michael BlowCoordinated change for compression default to enabled
2019-10-04  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][BAD] Coordinated change for Identifier cleanup
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