2022-06-09  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Set version to 0.9.9-SNAPSHOT master
2022-06-08  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Add tests for the JDBC driver
2022-04-30  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Update JUnit version to 4.13.2
2022-04-30  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Update Jackson version
2022-03-30  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Update version, enhance fetchResult()
2022-02-23  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Fix license generation
2022-02-18  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Fix generation of boolean literals
2022-01-24  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Set localhost as default for 'server' field
2022-01-20  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Enable UNION ALL support
2022-01-06  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Relocate Jackson library
2021-11-29  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Add separate property for download link
2021-11-22  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Remove duplicate customization option
2021-10-29  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Support driver/database version check
2021-10-27  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Update jackson-core version
2021-10-25  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Copy taco SDK into build folder
2021-10-18  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Refactor connection fields customization...
2021-10-14  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE] Remove 'port' attribute
2021-10-14  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Relax access modifier for getOrCreateD...
2021-10-14  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Relax access modifiers
2021-10-13  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Preliminary support for SSL connections
2021-10-13  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Improve asterix-jdbc-taco pom file
2021-10-13  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Allow overriding driver version
2021-10-13  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Move ADBProtocol into asterix-jdbc...
2021-10-13  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Refactor ADBProtocol
2021-10-12  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Configurable running requests path
2021-10-11  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Introduce asterix-jdbc-taco module
2021-10-06  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Support foreign key metadata, other...
2021-10-06  Dmitry Lychagin[NO ISSUE][JDBC] Update POMs, add code format profile
2021-10-05  Ian Maxon[NO ISSUE] Import JDBC driver
2021-10-01  Ian MaxonInitial empty repository