descriptionApache Atlas (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 19 Mar 2018 19:20:10 +0000 (12:20 -0700)
31 hours ago  rmaniATLAS-2491: Hive hook should use v2 notifications master
3 days ago  nixonrodriguesATLAS-2503: authorization of create/update/delete of...
3 days ago  Nigel JonesATLAS-2488: updated AtlasClientV2 with new methods...
3 days ago  nixonrodriguesATLAS-2500: added additional headers in HTTP response
4 days ago  kevalbhattATLAS-2502 : UI - Entity page not rendering tags and...
4 days ago  pratik24macATLAS-2484 :- UI , Tag propagation : On Search results...
4 days ago  pratik24macATLAS-2484 : UI - Need validation for Start Date and...
6 days ago  Madhan NeethirajATLAS-2499: removed unused properties from atlas-applic...
6 days ago  kevalbhattATLAS-2497 : Relationship UI improvements
7 days ago  Madhan NeethirajATLAS-2495: updated Kafka version to 1.0.0
7 days ago  kevalbhattATLAS-2497: Relationship UI improvements
7 days ago  nixonrodriguesATLAS-2494 :- Added jackson.core dependency in intg...
8 days ago  kevalbhattATLAS-2487: UI updates to render entity relationships
8 days ago  kevalbhattATLAS-2496 : Fix Atlas build failing due npm ERROR...
9 days ago  kevalbhattATLAS-2493 : Update moment version to 2.21.0
9 days ago  apoorvnaikATLAS-2489: Lineage info to include relationship guid
6 weeks ago release-0.8.2-rc0 Atlas 0.8.2 release - rc0
8 weeks ago release-1.0.0-alpha-rc2 Atlas 1.0.0-alpha release
2 months ago release-1.0.0-alpha-rc1 Atlas 1.0.0-alpha release rc1
2 months ago release-1.0.0-alpha-rc0
6 months ago release-0.8.1-rc1 Atlas 0.8.1-rc1 release
6 months ago release-0.8.1-rc0 Atlas 0.8.1-rc0 release
12 months ago release-0.8-rc1 Atlas 0.8-rc1 release
12 months ago release-0.8-rc0 Atlas 0.8-rc0 release
13 months ago release-0.7.1-rc3
14 months ago release-0.7.1-rc2
14 months ago release-0.7.1-rc0
20 months ago release-0.7-rc2 Atlas 0.7-rc2 release
2 years ago release-0.6-rc2 Apache Atlas 0.6-incubating-rc2...
2 years ago release-0.5-rc0 Apache Atlas 0.5-incubating-rc0...
31 hours ago master
3 days ago branch-0.8
4 months ago ATLAS-2251
7 months ago feature-odf
10 months ago feature-atlas-relationship
13 months ago 0.7-incubating
20 months ago 0.7.1-incubating
2 years ago branch-0.6-incubating
2 years ago branch-0.5-incubating