descriptionApache Atlas (Incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 21 Apr 2018 20:56:26 +0000 (13:56 -0700)
32 hours ago  Ashutosh MestryATLAS-2589: HA typestore and graph indexer fix. master
2 days ago  apoorvnaikATLAS-2582: Hard delete of internal types
2 days ago  rmaniATLAS-2586: added import-kafka bridge to import Kafka...
2 days ago  Sarath SubramanianATLAS-2591: During updating a relationship edge restric...
2 days ago  Sarath SubramanianATLAS-2590: Tag Propagation : Editing tag attributes...
3 days ago  nixonrodriguesATLAS-2587:- Set read ACL for /apache_atlas/active_serv...
4 days ago  Ashutosh MestryATLAS-2567: Updated DSL Search result to include classi...
4 days ago  Madhan NeethirajATLAS-2581: V2 Hive hook notifications - incorrect...
4 days ago  apoorvnaikATLAS-2534: Glossary REST API (bugfix)
4 days ago  apoorvnaikATLAS-2578: Update metric queries for faster execution
4 days ago  pratik24macATLAS-2584 : UI , Tag propagation : Unable to modify...
4 days ago  kevalbhattATLAS-2562 : UI: Support Business Terms and Categories...
5 days ago  Sarath SubramanianATLAS-2580: Add unit tests for classification propagati...
5 days ago  Sarath SubramanianATLAS-2580: Add Unit test resource files
5 days ago  Mandy ChessellATLAS-1775 Enterprise OMRS Connector Initial Impl 2
6 days ago  Ashutosh MestryATLAS-2422: Added to master from branch-0.8.
2 months ago release-0.8.2-rc0 Atlas 0.8.2 release - rc0
3 months ago release-1.0.0-alpha-rc2 Atlas 1.0.0-alpha release
3 months ago release-1.0.0-alpha-rc1 Atlas 1.0.0-alpha release rc1
3 months ago release-1.0.0-alpha-rc0
7 months ago release-0.8.1-rc1 Atlas 0.8.1-rc1 release
8 months ago release-0.8.1-rc0 Atlas 0.8.1-rc0 release
13 months ago release-0.8-rc1 Atlas 0.8-rc1 release
13 months ago release-0.8-rc0 Atlas 0.8-rc0 release
15 months ago release-0.7.1-rc3
15 months ago release-0.7.1-rc2
15 months ago release-0.7.1-rc0
21 months ago release-0.7-rc2 Atlas 0.7-rc2 release
2 years ago release-0.6-rc2 Apache Atlas 0.6-incubating-rc2...
2 years ago release-0.5-rc0 Apache Atlas 0.5-incubating-rc0...
32 hours ago master
3 days ago branch-0.8
5 months ago ATLAS-2251
8 months ago feature-odf
11 months ago feature-atlas-relationship
14 months ago 0.7-incubating
21 months ago 0.7.1-incubating
2 years ago branch-0.6-incubating
2 years ago branch-0.5-incubating