descriptionApache Aurora
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 10 Jan 2018 19:59:54 +0000 (20:59 +0100)
2018-01-10  Stephan ErbUpdate packaging to latest Thrift, Mesos, and virtualenv master
2017-10-08  Stephan ErbSwitch packaging release checksum to sha512 0.19.x
2017-09-24  Bill FarnerBuild with gradle 4.2
2017-09-19  Nicolás DonatucciAdd ca-certificates-java to ubuntu-trusty Dockerfile
2017-09-03  Stephan ErbAttempted workaround for flaky nightly build
2017-08-03  Mikhail LesykFix observer themos extra arguments usage
2017-07-18  Santhosh Kumar... Upgrade Mesos version to 1.2.
2017-02-14  Stephan ErbAdd basic test scripts for RPM and DEB packages
2017-02-08  Renan DelValleAdding support for Ubuntu Xenial packages
2017-01-14  Stephan ErbUpdate packaging scripts for Mesos 1.1.0
2017-01-14  Stephan ErbOnly include basenames in package checksums
2016-10-25  Joshua CohenUpdate provisioning scripts for testing aurora packages.
2016-10-25  Joshua CohenClean up README for packaging repo, update release...
2016-10-12  Stephan ErbUse Gradle installDist task rather than installApp.
2016-10-06  Stephan ErbUpdate to Gradle 3.1.
2016-09-30  John SiroisAdd missing libffi build dep to support pants.
2 months ago master
5 months ago 0.19.x
5 months ago 0.17.x
5 months ago 0.18.x
16 months ago 0.16.x
20 months ago 0.15.x
20 months ago 0.14.x
20 months ago 0.13.x
2 years ago 0.12.x
2 years ago rel/0.12.x
2 years ago 0.11.x
2 years ago 0.10.x
2 years ago 0.9.x