2019-12-17  Renan I. Del... Dropping support for Ubuntu Trusty packages as Trusty... master
2019-10-26  Renan DelValleFixing Pants error that happens due to locale not being...
2018-09-12  Renan DelValleRemoving md5 hash from release script. 0.21.x
2018-09-12  Renan DelValleMoving README link from git-wip-us to gitbox.
2018-07-31  Renan DelValleDeleting message on PR that would discourage making...
2018-07-27  Renan DelValleUpdating aurora-packaging for compatibility with Pants...
2018-04-13  Peter FroehlichMissing dependencies for aurora rpm (0.20.0) - Centos7
2018-04-10  Renan DelValleAdding warning to potential contributors that we're...
2018-04-06  Renan DelValleFixing issue where OpenJDK PPA would not install in... 0.20.x 12/head
2018-01-10  Stephan ErbUpdate packaging to latest Thrift, Mesos, and virtualenv
2017-10-08  Stephan ErbSwitch packaging release checksum to sha512 0.19.x
2017-09-24  Bill FarnerBuild with gradle 4.2
2017-09-19  Nicolás DonatucciAdd ca-certificates-java to ubuntu-trusty Dockerfile
2017-09-03  Stephan ErbAttempted workaround for flaky nightly build
2017-08-03  Mikhail LesykFix observer themos extra arguments usage
2017-07-18  Santhosh Kumar... Upgrade Mesos version to 1.2.
2017-02-14  Stephan ErbAdd basic test scripts for RPM and DEB packages
2017-02-08  Renan DelValleAdding support for Ubuntu Xenial packages
2017-01-14  Stephan ErbUpdate packaging scripts for Mesos 1.1.0
2017-01-14  Stephan ErbOnly include basenames in package checksums
2016-10-25  Joshua CohenUpdate provisioning scripts for testing aurora packages.
2016-10-25  Joshua CohenClean up README for packaging repo, update release...
2016-10-12  Stephan ErbUse Gradle installDist task rather than installApp.
2016-10-06  Stephan ErbUpdate to Gradle 3.1.
2016-09-30  John SiroisAdd missing libffi build dep to support pants.
2016-08-23  Stephan ErbUse a fixed Debian mirror rather than relying on httpredir
2016-08-02  Stephan ErbUse Docker host network rather than bridging.
2016-08-01  Joshua CohenUpgrade aurora-packaging for Mesos 1.0.0.
2016-07-23  Maxim KhutornenkoUpdate package scripts to 0.15.0.
2016-07-12  John SiroisUpgrade to gradle 2.14.
2016-06-28  Stephan ErbUpdate packaging for Aurora 0.14
2016-06-20  Stephan ErbUpdate changelog 0.13.x
2016-06-20  Stephan ErbUpdate test instructions for 0.13.0
2016-06-20  Stephan ErbImprove consistency of the RPM and DEB default configur...
2016-06-12  Stephan ErbMake copy & paste of example jobs easier.
2016-06-12  Stephan ErbUpdate centos test according to package chang...
2016-06-12  Stephan ErbAdd changelog of previous package releases
2016-06-12  Stephan ErbUpdate outdated references to the Apache Aurora incubator
2016-06-12  Kasisnu SinghUpdate RPM services and startup scripts to match our...
2016-05-28  Stephan ErbUpdate packaging to work with Aurora 0.13.
2016-05-02  John SiroisUse `gdebi` for auto dep resolution.
2016-04-20  Pierre CheynierRemove some dependencies linked to docker usage
2016-04-13  Pierre CheynierRemove hard dependency on a specific mesos-version
2016-04-04  John SiroisUpgrade build tools.
2016-03-22  John SiroisSupport for overriding --mesos-root under upstart.
2016-03-14  John SiroisFixup rpm builder and test docs.
2016-03-14  Bill FarnerRemove cyrus-sasl and docker RPM dpendencies.
2016-03-09  John SiroisFixup rpm builder and tester.
2016-03-09  John SiroisIntroduce a helper script for preparing RCs.
2016-03-09  David KeijserCorrect url for source0
2016-03-03  Martin HrabovcinUpdate Thrift binary to point at new repository locatio... rel/0.12.x
2016-01-29  Kunal ThakarChange the way arguments are passed to scheduler in...
2016-01-21  Dmitriy ShirchenkoWorking version of jessie builds.
2015-12-29  John SiroisAdapt to gradle upgrade in aurora repo.
2015-12-23  Bill FarnerUpdate debian changelog. 0.11.x
2015-12-21  John SiroisLower aurora-scheduler jdk req. to headless.
2015-12-20  Bill FarnerAdd yum install of which for centos build, gradle uses...
2015-12-18  Bill FarnerFix the ZK URI in the rpm.
2015-12-18  Bill FarnerUpdate the scheduler DB paths in the RPM spec to match...
2015-12-18  Bill FarnerUpdate mesos package versions.
2015-12-18  Bill FarnerShow how to build from source in
2015-12-02  Bill FarnerFix ordering of RPM changelog entries.
2015-12-02  Bill FarnerUpdate RPM changelog.
2015-11-30  Jake FarrellAURORA-1512: Aurora rpm missing std output switch
2015-11-26  John SiroisRemove `--root` flag in observer start scripts.
2015-11-26  Bill FarnerAdd changelog entry for 0.10.0.
2015-11-25  John SiroisAdd deps to centos 7 image to handle thrift patch.
2015-11-24  Bill FarnerRemove unnecessary volume mount argument.
2015-11-24  Bill FarnerAdjust pants env values for latest pants version.
2015-11-24  Bill FarnerCopy artifacts from containers rather than using volume...
2015-11-18  jfarrellAURORA-1477: Unify RPM and DEB package names
2015-10-08  Bill FarnerUse gradle 2.7 in builds.
2015-09-09  Bill FarnerAdd test environments for RPMs and debs.
2015-09-03  Kevin SweeneyBuilder should run createrepo
2015-09-03  Kevin SweeneyRemove openjdk runtime requirement.
2015-08-31  Bill FarnerReset RPM changelog.
2015-08-29  Bill FarnerDeb: move clusters.json from aurora-executor to aurora...
2015-08-27  Bill FarnerRpm: remove daemonize dep for rhel >=7.
2015-08-27  Bill FarnerAdd a convenience to build all artifacts.
2015-08-26  Bill FarnerRpm: replace hyphens from version.
2015-08-26  Bill FarnerFix RPM building.
2015-08-26  Bill FarnerDeb: Clean up changelog generation.
2015-08-26  Bill FarnerReset deb changelog.
2015-08-25  Bill FarnerUpdate packages for post 0.9.0 changes.
2015-08-25  Bill FarnerReplace realpath to get build working on jenkins.
2015-08-24  Bill FarnerParameterize artifact version in builders.
2015-08-24  Bill FarnerDeb: Remove defunct default argument.
2015-08-24  Bill FarnerAdd a tool and environment for building Aurora packages.
2015-08-04  Bill FarnerAdd reviewboard configuration.
2015-08-04  Bill FarnerReorganize repository layout.
2015-08-04  Kevin SweeneyBuild Kerberos clients in RPM.
2015-08-04  Kevin SweeneyOne python_library per exported project
2015-08-04  Bill FarnerUse the correct (aurora-specific) python build targets...
2015-08-04  Andrew JorgensenUpdates debian rules to use different thermos_observer.
2015-08-04  Andrew JorgensenRemoves version on virtual pacakge in debian control
2015-08-04  Steve SalevanTidying RPM packaging README and specfile
2015-08-04  Bill FarnerUpgrade gradle version dependencies in rpm/deb specs.
2015-08-04  Steve SalevanAdds RPM specfile and support scripting
2015-08-04  Maxim KhutornenkoRemoving GC executor code.
2015-08-04  Maxim KhutornenkoRemoving GcExecutorLauncher code.