descriptionApache Aurora
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 23 Oct 2017 21:09:47 +0000 (23:09 +0200)
10 hours ago  Mauricio GaravagliaMove job environment validation to the scheduler master
11 hours ago  David McLaughlinAdd sorting and filtering controls for TaskList
15 hours ago  Bill FarnerUpdate to shiro 1.2.5
15 hours ago  David McLaughlinFix back button issue on Jobs page
16 hours ago  Bill FarnerUpdate to guava 23.2
2 days ago  Bill FarnerAdd test case for regression of AURORA-1952
3 days ago  David McLaughlinAdd an example of using the UI plugin mechanism
3 days ago  David McLaughlinDisplay cron time as UTC
3 days ago  David McLaughlinPrevent diff line from overflowing container
3 days ago  Reza MotamediExpose list of neighbors in the instance page
3 days ago  David McLaughlinAdd Cache-Control header to static assets, to allow...
4 days ago  Bill FarnerProvide a formal way to disable offer declining
4 days ago  David McLaughlinRefactor Job Page to make it more pluggable
4 days ago  Bill FarnerUse LockStore only for backwards compatibility
4 days ago  David McLaughlinAdd banner pointing to new UI
4 days ago  David McLaughlinCosmetic changes to Navigation and task metadata
4 months ago rel/0.18.0 Apache Aurora 0.18.0 release
4 months ago rel/0.18.0-rc0 Apache Aurora 0.18.0 release candid...
8 months ago rel/0.17.0 Apache Aurora 0.17.0 release
8 months ago rel/0.17.0-rc0 Apache Aurora 0.17.0 release candid...
12 months ago rel/0.16.0 Apache Aurora 0.16.0 release
13 months ago rel/0.16.0-rc2 Apache Aurora 0.16.0 release candid...
13 months ago rel/0.16.0-rc1 Apache Aurora 0.16.0 release candid...
13 months ago rel/0.16.0-rc0 Apache Aurora 0.16.0 release candid...
15 months ago rel/0.15.0 Apache Aurora 0.15.0 release
15 months ago rel/0.15.0-rc1 Apache Aurora 0.15.0 release candid...
15 months ago rel/0.15.0-rc0 Apache Aurora 0.15.0 release candid...
16 months ago rel/0.14.0 Apache Aurora 0.14.0 release
16 months ago rel/0.14.0-rc0 Apache Aurora 0.14.0 release candid...
18 months ago rel/0.13.0 Apache Aurora 0.13.0 release
20 months ago rel/0.12.0 Apache Aurora 0.12.0 release
22 months ago rel/0.11.0 Apache Aurora 0.11.0 release
10 hours ago master