descriptionApache Avro
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 17 Nov 2017 09:12:32 +0000 (10:12 +0100)
8 days ago  Daniel KulpAVRO-1213 Update to latest release of Jetty master
2017-09-12  BELUGA BEHRAVRO-2055: Remove Magic Value From org.apache.avro...
2017-09-12  BELUGA BEHRAVRO-2053: Remove Reference To Deprecated Property...
2017-09-12  Gabor SzadovszkyAVRO-2059: Remove support of Hadoop 1
2017-09-11  Nandor KollarAVRO-2072: ResolvingGrammarGenerator doesn't implement...
2017-09-07  Anders SundelinAVRO-1933: Add more specific error details to SchemaCom...
2017-09-01  Nandor KollarAVRO-2066 Wrong schema file used in one TestSpecificCom...
2017-08-18  Kengo SekiAVRO-1574: Create list for schema symbols with specifie...
2017-08-18  Anders SundelinAVRO-1931: Reader is now compatible if able to read...
2017-08-14  BELUGA BEHRAVRO-2061: Improve Invalid File Format Error Message
2017-07-27  BELUGA BEHRAVRO-2048: Avro Binary Decoding - Gracefully Handle...
2017-07-27  BELUGA BEHRAVRO-2049: Remove Superfluous Configuration From AvroSe...
2017-07-27  BELUGA BEHRAVRO-2050: Clear Array To Allow GC
2017-07-27  BELUGA BEHRAVRO-2054: Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer
2017-07-27  BELUGA BEHRAVRO-2056: DirectBinaryEncoder Creates Buffer For Each...
2017-07-21  Tim PerkinsAVRO-2040: Ruby 2.4 deprecation fixes
6 months ago release-1.8.2 Avro 1.8.2 release.
6 months ago release-1.8.2-rc4 Avro 1.8.2 RC4 release.
7 months ago release-1.8.2-rc3 Avro 1.8.2 rc3 release.
7 months ago release-1.8.2-rc2 Avro 1.8.2 rc2 release.
12 months ago release-1.8.2-rc1 Avro 1.8.2 rc1 release.
18 months ago release-1.8.1 Avro 1.8.1 release.
18 months ago release-1.8.1-rc1 Avro 1.8.1-rc1 release.
18 months ago release-1.8.1-rc0 Avro 1.8.1-rc0 release.
21 months ago release-1.8.0 release-1.8.0
22 months ago release-1.8.0-rc3 release-1.8.0-rc3
22 months ago release-1.8.0-rc2 release-1.8.0-rc2
23 months ago release-1.8.0-rc1 release-1.8.0-rc1
2 years ago release-1.8.0-rc0 release-1.8.0-rc0
3 years ago release-1.7.7 release-1.7.7
3 years ago release-1.7.7-rc0 release-1.7.7-rc0
3 years ago release-1.7.6 release-1.7.6
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