2020-09-04  William BloughUpdate GitHub link to Axis2C website (via .asf.yaml) master
2020-09-04  Bill BloughFix 1-byte buffer overwrites due to null-termination
2020-09-04  William BloughConsistently allow enable/disable of -Werror, disable...
2020-09-02  William BloughFail configure if pkg-config isn't found
2020-09-02  William BloughRemove fprintf, set errno instead.
2020-08-31  William BloughFix potential buffer overflow in http_response_writer_p...
2020-08-30  William BloughFix mem leak in axiom test_parser
2020-08-30  William BloughRun tests after build
2020-08-30  William BloughFix possible null dereference in mtom caching sample
2020-08-30  William BloughUse bionic for travis builds
2020-08-30  William BloughAdd googletest dependency to travis config
2020-08-30  William BloughAdd script to compile with options preferred for runnin...
2020-08-30  William BloughAdd notification email to travis config
2020-08-30  William BloughAdd travis config
2020-04-10  Bill BloughFix parsing of CDATA sections
2020-04-09  Bill BloughFix failure to build with libxml2
2020-04-08  Bill BloughSet dep_engine->repos_listener to NULL after free
2020-04-08  Bill BloughFix crash in test_deployment due to misplaced null...
2020-04-07  Bill BloughInstall axutil platform-specific headers into correct...
2020-01-17  Bill BloughFix autotools warnings about INCLUDES
2020-01-17  Bill BloughFix out-of-tree builds
2020-01-17  Bill BloughAdd missing gtest include
2020-01-17  Bill BloughFix typos in gtest makefile variables
2020-01-17  Bill BloughDon't try to add gtest sources to dist tarball
2019-09-01  Bill BloughAdd SSL host validation check to X509_V_OK code path
2019-09-01  Bill BloughFix possible null pointer dereference
2019-09-01  Bill BloughPerform SSL hostname validation
2019-05-22  Bill BloughFix assignment/equality typo in http http_client.c=
2018-12-04  Bill BloughFix memleak in clientapi options
2018-12-04  Bill BloughFix memory leak in ssl connection
2018-12-04  Bill BloughAdd support for openssl 1.1.x
2018-12-04  Bill BloughFix memory leak in simple_reponse
2018-12-04  Bill BloughSSL connect fixes
2018-12-04  Bill BloughFix client response status/header buffer issues
2018-12-03  Bill BloughMore xpath memory fixes
2018-12-02  Bill BloughFix ssl connect through proxy
2018-12-01  Bill BloughFix to support Apache HTTP Server 2.4
2018-12-01  Bill BloughFix typos in https client test
2018-08-23  Bill BloughMemory and logging fixes from AXIS2C-1669
2018-08-21  Bill BloughFix memleak
2018-08-21  Bill BloughFix memory leaks
2018-08-21  Bill BloughFix memleaks
2018-08-21  Bill BloughFix memleaks in tests
2018-08-18  Bill BloughFix memleaks in test_xpath_streaming
2018-08-18  Bill BloughFix memleaks and double-free issues with xpath
2018-08-18  Bill BloughFix memleaks in axiom/test_util
2018-08-18  Bill BloughImprove handling of deeply-nested fault subcodes
2018-08-18  Bill BloughExplicitly return NULL on get_sub_code failure
2018-08-18  Bill BloughRename axiom_soap_fault_sub_code_get_subcode
2018-08-18  Bill BloughImprove axiom/test_soap tests
2018-08-18  Bill BloughFix memleaks in axiom/test_om
2018-08-18  Bill BloughImprove tests for axiom/om
2018-08-18  Bill BloughFix memleaks in test_attribute
2018-08-18  Bill BloughFix memleaks in test_guththila
2018-07-31  Bill BloughFix spelling errors in comments/docs
2018-05-17  Bill BloughImprove test coverage for guththila_token
2018-05-17  Bill BloughImprove test coverage for guththila_stack
2018-05-17  Bill BloughFix guththila stack issues
2018-05-10  Bill BloughFix memory leaks in util tests
2018-05-10  Bill BloughFixes memory leaks in linked_list and link_list_test
2018-05-10  Bill BloughAdd configure support for AddressSanitizer
2018-05-06  Bill BloughApply http_transport_utils fixes from AXISC-1669
2018-05-05  Bill BloughAdd null check in axis2_module_builder_populate_module
2018-05-05  Bill BloughReplace calloc with AXIS2_MALLOC in guththila tests
2018-05-05  Bill BloughRename some vars in axiom and neethi tests for consistency
2018-05-05  Bill BloughAdd additional tests in guththila for AXIS2C-1627
2018-05-05  Bill BloughFix circular dependency introduced by tests for AXISC...
2018-05-02  Bill BloughAdd deserialziation test for AXIS2C-1627
2018-05-02  Bill BloughFix guththila serialization of special chars in attr
2018-05-01  Bill BloughFix shutdown hang on http_client test
2018-05-01  Bill BloughFree log_impl on error to avoid memory leak
2018-05-01  Bill BloughRemove conflicting assertion
2018-04-30  Bill BloughUse helper function to add to engaged modules
2018-04-29  Bill BloughConvert core tests to use gtest
2018-04-29  Bill BloughAdd missed Makefile for guththila
2018-04-29  Bill BloughConvert all util tests to use gtest
2018-04-29  Bill BloughAdd gtest support for util
2018-04-29  Bill BloughAdd missing coverage-related compiler flags (util)
2018-04-29  Bill BloughFixes for code coverage related flags
2018-04-29  Bill BloughConvert neethi test to use gtest
2018-04-28  Bill BloughAdd missing gtest makefile for neethi
2018-04-28  Bill BloughAdd gtest support to neethi build
2018-04-28  Bill BloughHonor enable/disable-tests configure flag (neethi)
2018-02-05  Bill BloughSwitch guththila tests to use gtest
2018-02-05  Bill BloughUpdate function declaration to not conflict with C...
2018-01-07  Bill BloughSwitch axiom test_xpath* to use gtest
2018-01-07  Bill BloughSwitch axiom test_util to use gtest
2018-01-07  Bill BloughSwitch test_soap to use gtest
2018-01-07  Bill BloughSwitch test_om to use gtest
2018-01-07  Bill BloughAdd gtest support for axiom
2018-01-07  Bill BloughAdd support for Google Test Framework
2018-01-07  Bill BloughFix WRAPPER_DIR contention between libxml2 and guththila
2018-01-07  Bill BloughOptionally enable code coverage statistics
2017-12-11  Bill BloughFix comment typo
2017-12-10  Bill BloughReplace C++-style comments with C-style comments
2016-09-18  Rafael Bronzeriaxiom_node_add_sibling function added. It can be used...
2016-09-18  Rafael Bronzeriaxiom_node_add_sibling function added. It can be used...
2016-09-18  Rafael BronzeriGet compatibility with anothers Web Services Frameworks...
2016-07-06  Rafael BronzeriFixed Bug: AXIS2C-1674. Simple HttpServer crashes when...
2016-07-06  Rafael BronzeriFixed Bug: AXIS2C-1674. Simple HttpServer crashes when...