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2017-01-04  Luciano ResendeSean R. Owen has requested to retire from Bahir PMC
2016-10-28  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-74] Add content related to Flink extensions
2016-10-28  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-62] Add link to release notes in download page
2016-10-28  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-62] Add Bahir 2.0.1 docs based on template
2016-10-28  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-62] Add Bahir 2.0.1 release notes
2016-10-28  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Fix build issue related to Jekyll version
2016-10-27  Luciano Resende[BAHIR-62] Publish Bahir 2.0.1 documentation
2016-10-27  Luciano Resende[MINOR] Fix failure when doc folder didn't exist
2016-10-27  Luciano ResendeUpdate website with Bahir for Apache Spark 2.0.1
2016-10-27  Luciano ResendeUpdate website
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