2020-07-29  Ahmet AltayMerge pull request #18 from TobKed/deprecate master
2020-07-29  Tobiasz KÄ™dzierskiAdd deprecation warning to 18/head
2020-05-26  brucearctorUpdate (#17) release-2.22.0
2020-04-02  Rui Wangfix travis config (#16) release-2.20.0 release-2.21.0
2020-04-02  Rui Wangupdate travis cofig to remove some warnning messages...
2019-09-28  Mark LiuUpdate user guide with helpful links (#14) release-2.17.0 release-2.18.0 release-2.19.0
2019-09-27  Mark LiuMerge pull request #13: Enable logging for gcs deploy
2019-09-27  Mark LiuEnable logging for gcs deploy 13/head
2019-08-22  Andrew PilloudMerge pull request #11: Update build process to not...
2019-08-21  Andrew PilloudUpdate build process. 11/head
2019-08-14  Ahmet AltayMerge pull request #10 from yifanzou/release-2.15.0 release-2.15.0
2019-08-14  Yifan Zouupdate xcode version to 9.4 10/head
2019-04-23  Ahmet AltayMerge pull request #9 from apilloud/release-2.12.0
2019-04-22  Andrew PilloudFetch version from branch. 9/head
2019-04-22  Andrew PilloudStage to gcs
2019-02-23  Ahmet AltayMerge pull request #7 from robertwb/os-x-version
2019-02-22  Robert BradshawUse newer version of os-x compiler. 7/head
2019-02-14  Robert BradshawMerge pull request #6 [BEAM-6616] Add Python 3 to build...
2019-02-13  Robert Bradshaw[BEAM-6616] Add Python 3 to build matrix. 6/head
2018-09-11  PabloMerge pull request #5 from boyuanzz/drop_rc_tag
2018-09-11  Boyuan ZhangDrop RC tag 5/head
2018-09-07  Charles ChenMerge pull request #4 from boyuanzz/fix_readme
2018-09-07  Boyuan ZhangFix typo 4/head
2018-08-14  Boyuan ZhangAdd travis build config files and upload artifacts...
2018-08-14  Ahmet AltayMerge pull request #3 from boyuanzz/master
2018-08-14  Boyuan ZhangAdd multibuild submodule 3/head
2018-08-14  Ahmet AltayMerge pull request #1 from boyuanzz/python_wheels_build
2018-08-14  Boyuan ZhangAdd .gitmodules file 1/head
2018-08-13  Ahmet AltayAdd .gitignore file