descriptionApache BookKeeper
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 28 Mar 2017 20:40:35 +0000 (13:40 -0700)
20 hours ago  eolivelliBOOKKEEPER-390: Provide support for ZooKeeper authentic... master
20 hours ago  Govind MenonBOOKKEEPER-1004: Allow bookie garbage collection to...
20 hours ago  Matteo MerliBOOKKEEPER-852: Release LedgerDescriptor and master...
20 hours ago  RithinBOOKKEEPER-950: Ledger placement policy to accomodate...
6 days ago  Sijie GuoBOOKKEEPER-970: Bump the zookeeper version to 3.5
6 days ago  Francesco Caliumi... BOOKKEEPER-1001: Make LocalBookiesRegistry.isLocalBooki...
6 days ago  Sijie GuoBOOKKEEPER-1013: Fix findbugs errors on latest master
6 days ago  eolivelliBOOKKEEPER-1007: Explicit LAC: make the interval config...
6 days ago  Kishor PatilBOOKKEEPER-1003: Fix TestDiskChecker so it can be used...
6 days ago  Robert (Bobby... BOOKKEEPER-999: Stop leaking threads in BookKeeper...
6 days ago  Robert (Bobby... BOOKKEEPER-998: Increased the max entry size to 5MB
6 days ago  Govind MenonBOOKKEEPER-1009: Use multiple journals in bookie
2017-01-31  Sijie GuoBOOKKEEPER-996: LongHierarchicalLedgerManagerFactory...
2017-01-31  JVBOOKKEEPER-874: Explict LAC from Writer to Bookies
2017-01-31  Venkateswara BOOKKEEPER-873 and BOOKKEEPER-553
2017-01-31  eolivelliBOOKKEEPER-959: ClientAuthProvider and BookieAuthProvid...
10 months ago release-4.4.0 BookKeeper Release 4.4.0
16 months ago release-4.3.2 BookKeeper Release 4.3.2
22 months ago release-4.3.1 BookKeeper Release 4.3.1
2 years ago release-4.2.4 BookKeeper Release 4.2.4
2 years ago release-4.3.0 release-4.3.0
2 years ago release-4.2.3 release-4.2.3
3 years ago release-4.2.2 release-4.2.2
4 years ago release-4.2.1 release-4.2.1
4 years ago release-4.2.0 release-4.2.0
4 years ago release-4.1.0 release-4.1.0
5 years ago release-4.0.0 release-4.0.0
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