2022-09-09  Alex Heneveldrestructure catalog definitions master
2022-09-09  Alex Heneveldinstead of a config bundle, let the feature build insta...
2022-08-17  Alex Heneveldskip the maven-karaf-verify goal as that interferes...
2022-07-18  Alex Heneveldcopy the and edit it to allow reading...
2022-02-21  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #180 from algairim/build/Jenkinsfile
2022-02-21  Mykola MandraUse double quotes to resolve DOCKER_TAG 180/head
2022-01-14  Alex Heneveldupdate license lookups and files
2022-01-06  Alex Heneveldadd commented out block for logging felix resolution
2022-01-06  Alex Heneveldmore rejigging of features
2022-01-06  Alex Heneveldrejig jsgui order and switch javax.mail to jakarta...
2022-01-06  Alex Heneveldnote on use of jersey-core and
2021-12-06  Alex Heneveldmake default catalog replace previous default catalog...
2021-11-23  Alex HeneveldRevert "exclude lower versions of snakeyaml"
2021-11-23  Alex Heneveldexclude lower versions of snakeyaml
2021-11-18  Alex Henevelddon't expose javax.annotations from felix/jre
2021-11-18  Alex Henevelduse spifly 1.3.2 not 1.3.0 to fix activator NPE with...
2021-11-18  Alex Heneveldmove jetty config to be installed earlier to prevent...
2021-11-17  Alex Heneveldtidy version string for jakarta/javax
2021-11-17  Alex Heneveldblacklist bundles which provide things that come from...
2021-11-17  Alex Heneveldremove bogus mvn repos file
2021-11-17  Alex Henevelduse jakarta for
2021-11-17  Alex Heneveldfix kubernetes osgi import, fix osgi package confusion...
2021-11-13  Alex HeneveldThis closes #179
2021-11-13  Alex Heneveldadd more deps earlier in feature -- makes it start... 179/head
2021-11-12  Alex Heneveldmove a few more bundles to be loaded earlier
2021-11-11  Alex Heneveldremove weird excludes in osgi instructions for downstre...
2021-11-11  Alex Heneveldrejig all's pom so that dependents get better ordering...
2021-11-10  Alex Heneveldexclude unwrapped eddsa and sshj, since now we wrap...
2021-11-10  Alex Heneveldslight reorg of feature defs - use essential deps feature
2021-11-10  Alex HeneveldRevert "tidy up features / essential deps"
2021-11-10  Alex Heneveldtidy up features / essential deps
2021-10-07  Duncan GrantMerge pull request #178 from duncangrant/update-licenses
2021-10-07  Duncan GrantUpdate to include new licenses 178/head
2021-09-15  Alex Henevelddo a docker logout as part of jenkins build
2021-09-14  Alex Heneveldadd example config for configuring sensitive-named...
2021-09-14  Alex Heneveldremove todo about Fuse Fabric port service - not availa...
2021-09-10  Alex Heneveldexclude chatty logging by felix SCR
2021-09-10  Alex Heneveldimprove comments on HA in config
2021-09-09  Alex Heneveldexample in comments for configuring a login form
2021-09-02  Alex Heneveldremove misleading comment in osgilauncher.cfg
2021-09-02  Alex Heneveldfix typo/comments in osgilauncher
2021-08-23  Alex HeneveldThis closes #177
2021-08-21  Juan CabrerizoConfig logs for using UTC time by default instead of... 177/head
2021-08-11  Alex HeneveldThis closes #176
2021-08-11  Juan CabrerizoPrioritices TSLv1.2 over 1.1 and other. The same for... 176/head
2021-07-27  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #175 from iuliana/feature/trace-log
2021-07-26  iulianaAdded sample configuration for trace log 175/head
2021-07-15  Alex HeneveldThis closes #174
2021-07-15  Thomas BouronEnable by default the deployment metadata sensor 174/head
2021-07-14  Thomas BouronAdd support setup default initializers for all deployment
2021-07-12  Juan CabrerizoMerge pull request #173 from jcabrerizo/feature/http...
2021-07-12  Juan CabrerizoJSESSIONID mask as httpOnly 173/head
2021-04-21  Alex HeneveldThis closes #172
2021-04-21  Duncan GrantMvn 3.8.1 will refuse to use http repos 172/head
2021-04-08  Alex Heneveldwhere we update the bundle, add an explicit reference...
2021-04-01  Alex Heneveldadd logging exclusions that were added to logback also...
2021-03-31  Alex Heneveldremove some duplicate jars
2021-03-31  Alex HeneveldThis closes #171
2021-03-30  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' into kar 171/head
2021-03-30  Alex Heneveldtweak karaf resources
2021-03-30  Alex Heneveldbuild a KAR and use that for the assembly
2021-03-30  Alex Henevelduse karaf maven plugin to build feature
2021-03-30  Alex Heneveldadd more examples to default brooklyn.cfg file
2021-03-25  Martin HarrisMerge pull request #170 from apache/fix/ignored-mem...
2021-03-25  Duncan GrantJAVA_MAX_MEM ignored so add to EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS 170/head
2021-03-04  Alex HeneveldThis closes #169
2021-03-04  Martin HarrisUpdates o.a.k.features.xml to use project bouncycastle... 169/head
2021-03-03  Alex Heneveldremove karaf enterprise
2021-03-03  Martin HarrisMerge pull request #168 from jcabrerizo/feature/bump...
2021-01-15  Juan CabrerizoUsing jakarta.annotation-api 168/head
2021-01-04  Juan CabrerizoFix version typo feature/bump-karaf
2020-12-18  Juan CabrerizoUsin com.sun.activation instad of javax 167/head
2020-12-14  Juan CabrerizoWIP compiling bit not starting
2020-12-10  Juan CabrerizoUpdated ops4h.base
2020-11-25  Alex HeneveldThis closes #166
2020-11-20  Duncan GrantFixes soap linkage error 166/head
2020-11-20  Duncan GrantInclude jre properties in
2020-10-23  Alex Heneveldminor tweaks to scripts to do licensing and version...
2020-08-27  Geoff MacartneyMerge pull request #165 from jcabrerizo/feature/fix...
2020-08-20  Juan Cabrerizofix javaasist collition 165/head
2020-07-22  Alex HeneveldThis closes #164
2020-06-02  Alex Heneveldupdated LICENSE, NOTICE, DEPENDENCIES 164/head
2020-06-02  Alex Heneveldrework license generation scripts so that:
2020-06-02  Alex Heneveldfeature poms include the dependencies the feature uses
2020-06-01  Alex Heneveldremoval of spurious LGPL metadata and addition of newer...
2020-06-01  Alex Heneveldadd EPL-2.0 and EDL-1.0
2020-05-07  Duncan GrantMerge pull request #162 from aledsage/bump-karaf-version
2020-05-06  Aled SageBump karaf version to 4.2.8 (from 4.2.7) 162/head
2020-05-05  Duncan GrantMerge pull request #161 from aledsage/fix-karaf-startup...
2020-05-01  Aled SageFix some karaf startup slowness 161/head
2020-04-24  Duncan GrantMerge pull request #160 from aledsage/bump-bouncycastle
2020-04-20  Aled SageBump BouncyCastle version 160/head
2020-03-02  Richard DownerSet version to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-02-12  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #159 from iuliana/banner-update
2020-02-12  iulianaupdated banner to respect ASF trademark 159/head
2020-02-11  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #158 from iuliana/template-fix
2020-02-11  iulianamodified comment regarding OS recommendation 158/head
2020-02-11  iulianaAdded more explicit message regarding machine recommend...
2020-02-11  iulianaAdded fix for broken templates and OS recommendation
2020-02-11  Thomas BouronMerge pull request #156 from iuliana/vagrant-fix