2022-09-12  Mykola MandraWorkflow step to log messages master
2022-09-09  Alex Heneveldadd aliases for {container,ssh-command}-{sensor,effecto...
2022-09-09  Alex Heneveldrestructure catalog definitions
2022-09-09  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'catalog-item-url'
2022-09-08  Mykola MandraMerge pull request #1358 from ahgittin/workflow
2022-09-08  Alex Heneveldfix license 1358/head
2022-09-08  Alex Heneveldchange tests to use `set-sensor` instead of `sleep`
2022-09-08  Alex Heneveldnew shorthand proposal - using strings
2022-09-07  Alex Heneveldadd missing license headers
2022-09-07  Alex Heneveldcreate task from steps, and effector from workflow...
2022-09-07  Alex Heneveldif we read an item from a URL, properly replace everything 1357/head
2022-09-07  Alex Heneveldbetter log message for cut-down case
2022-09-07  Alex Heneveldexclude legacy parse in some cases where it is clearly...
2022-09-07  Alex Heneveldsupport `item: URL` in, so a blueprint...
2022-09-07  Alex Heneveldinitial workflow and step definition and resolution...
2022-09-02  Alex Heneveldsuppress error if entity is stopped in unusual ways
2022-08-31  Alex Heneveldadd better default names for common feeds
2022-08-30  Alex HeneveldMerge remote-tracking branch 'algairim/improvements...
2022-08-30  Mykola MandraDo not ignore privateKeyFile in SSH CLI tool 1354/head
2022-08-30  Mykola MandraRemove 'temp' from SSH and SCP CLI key file env var
2022-08-30  Alex HeneveldMerge remote-tracking branch 'algairim/improvements...
2022-08-29  Alex Heneveldensure pod name is recorded even if task finishes very...
2022-08-29  Alex Heneveldmore flexible task tree inference from log messages
2022-08-29  Alex Heneveldtidies for ssh sensors/effectors and proxy effector
2022-08-24  Alex Heneveldbetter logging and fix for cache not being set for...
2022-08-24  Alex Heneveldfix falsy check not to evaluate if absent
2022-08-24  Alex Heneveldfile log store, when doing recursive tasks, use the...
2022-08-24  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'tidy-sensor-feeds'
2022-08-24  Alex Heneveldgo properly deep when sanitizing objects 1355/head
2022-08-24  Alex Heneveldimprove logic for configuring commandUrl to ssh-command... 1356/head
2022-08-24  Alex Heneveldbetter logging on group changes
2022-08-24  Alex Heneveldprovide more visibility of container lifecycle
2022-08-23  Mykola MandraSSH and SCP executables to get params via env vars
2022-08-22  Alex Heneveldadd 'not' predicate keyword
2022-08-22  Alex Heneveldtest and fix for dsl predicate resolving config on...
2022-08-22  Alex Heneveldbackwards compatibility for `location` singular to...
2022-08-21  Alex Heneveldbump apache commons-lang3
2022-08-21  Alex Heneveldstart feeds once entity is fully managed, not before 1353/head
2022-08-19  Alex Heneveldconditions on some sensor feeds, and code tidy
2022-08-19  Alex Heneveldadd jsonpath for predicates, and list filter, size
2022-08-19  Alex Heneveldpredicate tidy-up and dsl test
2022-08-19  Alex Heneveldsupport key and index in predicate DSL (and check)
2022-08-19  Alex Heneveldreplace "unflattened" DSL predicate test with a cleaner...
2022-08-19  Alex Heneveldmisc better logging
2022-08-17  Alex Heneveldtidy names of function feeds
2022-08-16  Alex Heneveldallow common feeds to be triggered from sensors 1352/head
2022-08-16  Alex Heneveldmove AppGroupTraverser to core project for more access
2022-08-16  Alex Heneveldrun container tasks in background and as transient
2022-08-16  Alex Heneveldprevent GC from looping waiting for non-deleteable...
2022-08-12  Mykola MandraSkip property validation against the constraint if... 1351/head
2022-08-12  Alex Heneveldgive public constructors for Ssh*{Effector,Sensor}...
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldallow batch config read to take a few millis, but not... 1350/head
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldfaster strategies for determining container readiness...
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldstronger destroy semantics used in most places, esp...
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldintroduce more forceful destroy method
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldadd created and destroying lifecycle hooks
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldclarify destruction api, and pass errors to caller
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldexpose cleaning up a namespace on containers
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldadd aliases for more common types
2022-08-11  Alex Heneveldfix use of concurrent task list in GC
2022-08-03  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'suppress-nested-sensitive-fields'
2022-08-02  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' of
2022-08-02  Alex Heneveldeven more checks for sshj task interruption 1349/head
2022-08-02  Alex Henevelddowngrade messages to trace
2022-08-02  Alex Heneveldsimplify exceptions we throw for interruption
2022-08-02  Alex Heneveldmore checks to prevent sshj swallowing thread interruptions
2022-08-02  Alex Heneveldcatch other case where interrupt might be swallowed
2022-08-02  Iuliana CosminaMerge pull request #1348 from ahgittin/interrupt-sshj
2022-08-01  Alex Heneveldbetter check for thread interruption with sshj connections 1348/head
2022-07-31  Alex Heneveldmake trustAll configuration trump trustSelfSigned
2022-07-31  Alex Heneveldtidy-up for iptables legacy conversion
2022-07-29  Alex Heneveldallow use of trust all to be configured via brooklyn... 1347/head
2022-07-29  Alex Heneveldtweak signatures so machines are preferred over entitie...
2022-07-29  Alex Heneveldmisc clean-up for script constants
2022-07-29  Alex Heneveldupdate other files to use new BashCommandsConfigurable...
2022-07-29  Alex Heneveldupdate other places that ignore certs to use BashComman...
2022-07-29  Alex Heneveldrefactor BashCommands to have non-static, context sensi...
2022-07-28  Alex Heneveldin REST API, apply suppression logic to fields in maps... 1346/head
2022-07-28  Alex Heneveldbetter type inference in jackson deserialization
2022-07-28  Alex Henevelddisable intermittent failing test
2022-07-27  Alex Henevelddon't unwrap applications in one edge case
2022-07-27  Alex Heneveldminor dsl serialization tidies and test
2022-07-20  Alex Heneveldfix problem where k8s logs are sometimes reset
2022-07-20  Alex Heneveldbetter logging for DST errors and container errors
2022-07-20  Alex Heneveldmisc improvements to container tasks
2022-07-19  Alex Heneveldadd new SimpleProcessTaskFactory interface, fix error...
2022-07-19  Alex Heneveldallow changing return type
2022-07-19  Alex Heneveldrejig container task 1345/head
2022-07-18  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'bump-sshj'
2022-07-18  Alex Heneveldchange opendmk/jmx wrapping to use a hardcoded bundle... 1344/head
2022-07-18  Alex Heneveldbump the version of sshj 1343/head
2022-07-18  Alex HeneveldMerge branch 'master' of
2022-07-18  Alex Henevelddon't log on deproxying; there are many valid use cases...
2022-07-18  Alex Heneveldchildren batch to correctly look at members
2022-07-18  Alex Heneveldnew test
2022-07-18  Juan CabrerizoMerge pull request #1342 from iuliana/fix/set-key
2022-07-18  iulianaAdded fix and test for set<map<?,?>> config keys in... 1342/head
2022-07-15  Alex Heneveldname some of the rebind tasks
2022-07-15  Alex Heneveldfix NPEs in HttpToolResponse on error response, and...
2022-07-15  Alex Heneveldfix latency computation