2020-10-10  Peter DonaldMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache... master
2020-10-10  Peter DonaldEnsure we push tags as part of the release process
2020-04-03  Antoine ToulmeMerge pull request #47 from olleolleolle/a-copyright...
2020-04-03  Antoine ToulmeMerge pull request #48 from olleolleolle/travis-settings
2020-04-03  Olle JonssonCI: Pick OpenJDK8, which exists 48/head
2020-04-03  Olle Jonsson(doc) Copyright year set to 2020 in footer 47/head
2020-03-05  Peter DonaldUpdate to use the modern infrastructure for Apache...
2019-11-13  Peter DonaldAdd support for configuring non-template TestNG run...
2019-11-13  Peter DonaldUpdate to support null factorys so can create realized...
2019-11-13  Peter DonaldRemove unnecessary shadowing
2019-11-13  Peter DonaldSimplify truthy expression
2019-11-11  Peter DonaldRemove unnecessary dependency
2019-11-11  Peter DonaldIntroduce spotbugs addon
2019-11-11  Peter DonaldAdd support for the GWT version `2.8.2-v20191108` relea...
2019-11-11  Peter DonaldEnsure that if TestNG tests all fail in setup then...
2019-11-11  Peter DonaldCorrect the default values for exploded property in...
2019-07-16  Peter DonaldFix crash bug when generating IDEA modules
2019-07-16  Peter DonaldSpelling
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldRemove some more references to rubyforge
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldRubyForge -> RubyGems
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldUpdate the download links for last release
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldPrepare for next development iteration
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldMerge pull request #45 from olleolleolle/patch-2
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldMerge pull request #44 from olleolleolle/patch-1
2019-07-14  Olle JonssonDocs: Replace RubyForge w/ 45/head
2019-07-14  Olle JonssonCI: Drop unused sudo: false directive 44/head
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldPrepare for next release 1.5.8
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldFix setting of sourcepath
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldAvoid referencing deprecated parent POM org.sonatype...
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldRollback addition of guard that causes several tests...
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldExplicitly specify the `:sourcepath` parameter for...
2019-07-14  Peter DonaldSet file type of gitattributes
2019-07-13  Peter DonaldMerge pull request #43 from apache/SupportExternalAnnot...
2019-07-13  Peter DonaldDetect external annotations in the local project and... 43/head
2019-07-13  Peter DonaldAdd support for downloading external annotations and...
2019-07-13  Peter DonaldWhitespace
2019-07-13  Peter DonaldBump the version of zapwhite
2019-07-11  Peter DonaldPrefer %w syntax
2019-05-04  Antoine ToulmeEnsure pom files used in tests use https when referring...
2019-02-25  Peter DonaldMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2019-02-25  Peter DonaldRemove references to
2019-02-25  Peter DonaldUse the `zapwhite` gem to manage file whitespace within...
2019-02-25  Peter DonaldEnsure files end with a new line and have no lines...
2019-02-25  Peter DonaldChanged references to `
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldMerge pull request #42 from olleolleolle/fix/avoid...
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldMerge pull request #41 from olleolleolle/patch-1
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldMerge pull request #40 from olleolleolle/fix/avoid...
2019-02-16  Olle JonssonDefine local variable before use 42/head
2019-02-16  Olle JonssonTurn around an if statement
2019-02-16  Olle JonssonGemspec: drop rubyforge_project setting 41/head
2019-02-16  Olle JonssonAvoid redefining Ruby globals 40/head
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldAvoid generating an email to announce as it no longer...
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldPrepare for next development iteration
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldRecord last release
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldUpdate release links 1.5.7
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldNote down highlights for next release
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldSpecify release date
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldBump version in preparation for release
2019-02-16  Peter DonaldMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2019-01-02  Peter DonaldPrefer %W syntax
2019-01-02  Peter DonaldSImplify conditionals
2019-01-02  Peter DonaldUse method reference
2018-12-15  Peter DonaldRemove mailouts to individuals now that TravisCI integr...
2018-12-14  Peter DonaldAdd change entry for infrastructure move.
2018-12-12  Peter DonaldMerge branch 'patch-3' of
2018-12-12  Peter DonaldMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2018-12-12  Olle JonssonTravis: use "env" feature for env vars 39/head
2018-12-12  Olle Jonssonbuildr.buildfile: Avoid deprecated gemspec option 38/head
2018-12-12  Olle Jonssoninstalling: update link to rake 37/head
2018-12-12  Olle JonssonFix Rake link in website, too
2018-12-12  Olle JonssonREADME: Update links to rake, Antwrap
2018-11-20  Peter DonaldAttempt to force rspec to run in bundle controlled...
2018-11-20  Peter DonaldPrefer %w syntax
2018-11-19  Peter DonaldMake sure that the CI task runs with the packaged depen...
2018-11-19  Peter DonaldDisable sudo so can run in container
2018-11-19  Peter DonaldMerge duplicate notifications sections
2018-11-18  Peter DonaldMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/34'
2018-11-18  Peter DonaldRecord previous change
2018-11-18  Peter DonaldMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/36'
2018-11-18  Olle JonssonChange RSpec shared_context usage to avoid warnings 36/head
2018-11-18  Peter DonaldMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/35'
2018-11-18  Olle JonssonFix typos in comments 35/head
2018-11-18  Olle JonssonTravis: back out of change 34/head
2018-11-18  Peter DonaldUse https protocol to access Gem metadata
2018-11-18  Peter DonaldMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/32'
2018-11-17  Peter DonaldDrop deprecated Gem::Specification#has_rdoc= (no replac...
2018-11-17  Olle JonssonRSpec it_should_behave_like takes a String
2018-11-17  Olle JonssonRSpec.shared_examples syntax
2018-11-17  Olle JonssonTravis: typo in JRUBY_OPTS
2018-11-17  Olle JonssonTravis: Drop unsupported MaxPermSize Java configuration...
2018-11-17  Olle JonssonTravis: drop OracleJDK7
2018-11-17  Olle JonssonDrop deprecated (no replacement) method 33/head
2018-11-17  Olle JonssonGemfile: use https 32/head
2018-11-17  Olle JonssonUpdate Travis CI matrix
2018-07-31  Peter DonaldUpdate spec to reflect changes in behaviour
2018-07-29  Jimmy CaseyFixed Spelling. 31/head
2018-07-25  Peter DonaldDefault the sourcepath passed to the javadoc tool
2018-06-15  Peter DonaldAdded support for `:skip_merge_gwt_dependencies` parame...
2018-05-22  Peter DonaldApply the remainder of the fix that should have been...