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last changeSat, 18 Nov 2017 23:11:26 +0000 (10:11 +1100)
6 days ago  Francis ChuangBump gokrb5 client to v2 master
11 days ago  Francis ChuangBump Phoenix to 4.13
11 days ago  Francis ChuangRemove kerberos session renewal because gokrb5 now...
11 days ago  Francis ChuangUpdate dependencies
2017-10-18  Francis ChuangGet session from realm and pass it to EnableAutoSession...
2017-10-18  Francis ChuangBump go and phoenix versions
2017-10-18  Francis ChuangUpdate dependencies
2017-10-17  Kenneth ShawA number of fixes, as itemized:
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangClarify license information in readme.
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate readme to clarify development procedure and...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd Apache License header to files
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate import paths
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangClean up import paths
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangChange import paths to the repository in the apache...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangMake protobuf generation scripts less noisy
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd backwards compatibility for Calcite <= 1.9.0 and...
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