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7 days ago  Francis ChuangMake protobuf generation scripts less noisy
7 days ago  Francis ChuangAdd backwards compatibility for Calcite <= 1.9.0 and...
7 days ago  Francis ChuangUpdate compatibility table to show maximum supported...
7 days ago  Francis ChuangUpdate to avatica 1.10.0
7 days ago  Francis ChuangReturn an ErrBadConn from the http client if the connec...
7 days ago  Francis ChuangAdd support for Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication
7 days ago  amaltsFixes #34
7 days ago  Francis ChuangCheck if Phoenix server is up before starting tests
7 days ago  Francis ChuangSwitch to dep for vendoring
7 days ago  Francis ChuangGofmt driver_test
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