2018-06-23  Francis Chuang[CALCITE-2372] Simplify travis.yml and upgrade Phoenix... master
2018-06-22  Francis Chuang[CALCITE-2372] Add Phoenix 4.14.0 for testing and turn...
2018-06-16  Kenneth Shaw[CALCITE-2367] Change UUID package (Kenneth Shaw)
2018-05-29  Francis Chuang[CALCITE-2333] Remove has_zip property in release news...
2018-05-29  Francis Chuang[CALCITE-2333] Remove zip release from build script
2018-05-14  Francis ChuangFix documentation link in readme
2018-04-27  Francis ChuangFix typo
2018-04-27  Francis ChuangUpdate documentation to state that the Name() method...
2018-04-27  Francis ChuangUpdate release date for 3.0.0
2018-04-26  Francis ChuangUpdate news item
2018-04-26  Francis ChuangClean up permalinks
2018-04-26  Francis ChuangFix highlights
2018-04-26  Francis ChuangFix highlights
2018-04-26  Francis ChuangFix highlights
2018-04-25  Francis ChuangChange ~~~~ into {% highlight %} in the documentation
2018-04-25  Francis ChuangReorganize website structure
2018-04-25  Francis ChuangUpdate release script to also produce a zip archive
2018-04-25  Francis ChuangAdd information on issue reporting to readme
2018-04-24  Francis ChuangRemove md5 hash when generating artifacts for a release
2018-04-23  Francis ChuangRemove 1.7+ as recommended Go version and update releas...
2018-04-23  Francis ChuangTest against Go 1.9
2018-04-23  Francis ChuangAdd IDE files to gitignore
2018-04-23  Francis ChuangFix typo
2018-04-23  Francis ChuangAdd `--build` to `docker-compose` command in documentat...
2018-04-23  Francis ChuangRemove extraneous command from dockerfile.
2018-04-23  Francis ChuangAdd instructions for uploading release artifacts
2018-04-22  Francis ChuangUpdate make artifacts script to nest artifacts within... 3.0.0 3.0.0-rc1
2018-04-22  Francis ChuangUpdate releasing documentation
2018-04-22  Francis ChuangImplement tag selection in release artifacts script...
2018-04-22  Francis ChuangCheck files for Apache license header
2018-04-21  Francis ChuangUpdate history
2018-04-20  Francis ChuangFix development documentation
2018-04-20  Francis ChuangEnable HSQLDB transaction tests
2018-04-20  Francis ChuangReplace gopher.png with calcite logo
2018-04-19  Francis ChuangAdd ASF license header to dockerfile and docker-compose.yml
2018-04-19  Francis ChuangAdd ASF license header to gitignore
2018-04-18  Julian HydeAdd 'apache-' prefix to dist files 3.0.0-rc0
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangMake executable
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangFix readme
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangFix link in release history
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangUpdate version compatibility
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangAdd development and release instructions
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangUpdate release history
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangUpdate readme and move documentation into website markd...
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangUpdate dependencies
2018-04-17  Francis ChuangRemove go-cleanhttp
2018-04-16  Francis ChuangAdd script to generate release artifacts
2018-04-16  Francis ChuangClean up readme and remove wercker
2018-04-16  Francis ChuangUpdate travis.yaml to run HSQLDB tests
2018-04-16  Francis ChuangAdd HSQLDB support and move phoenix support into an...
2018-04-16  Kevin Risden[CALCITE-2258] Add .travis.yml
2018-03-04  Francis ChuangBump Go to 1.10 and format code
2018-03-04  Francis ChuangUpdate dependencies
2018-02-05  Francis ChuangBump dependencies
2017-12-14  Francis ChuangRemove empty slice declaration via literals
2017-12-14  Francis ChuangCheck size of ExecuteResponse.Results before using...
2017-11-18  Francis ChuangBump gokrb5 client to v2
2017-11-14  Francis ChuangBump Phoenix to 4.13
2017-11-14  Francis ChuangRemove kerberos session renewal because gokrb5 now...
2017-11-14  Francis ChuangUpdate dependencies
2017-10-18  Francis ChuangGet session from realm and pass it to EnableAutoSession...
2017-10-18  Francis ChuangBump go and phoenix versions
2017-10-18  Francis ChuangUpdate dependencies
2017-10-17  Kenneth ShawA number of fixes, as itemized:
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangClarify license information in readme.
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate readme to clarify development procedure and...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd Apache License header to files
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate import paths
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangClean up import paths
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangChange import paths to the repository in the apache...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangMake protobuf generation scripts less noisy
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd backwards compatibility for Calcite <= 1.9.0 and...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate compatibility table to show maximum supported...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate to avatica 1.10.0
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangReturn an ErrBadConn from the http client if the connec...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd support for Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication
2017-08-11  amaltsFixes #34
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangCheck if Phoenix server is up before starting tests
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangSwitch to dep for vendoring
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangGofmt driver_test
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangFix go report card warnings
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangImprove tests to fix copy() and catch errors when asserting
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangImplement Avatica HTTP authentication
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangSupport passing JDBC username and password to backing...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangLoosen docker image version constraints
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangBump Phoenix to 4.10.0
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangSplit compat files into go 1.8 and pre-go 1.8 files
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangRemove go 1.8 build tag for compatibility structs and...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate dependencies
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate protobuf definitions
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd tests for go 1.8 interfaces
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangImplement multiple result sets, row type information...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangImplement context interfaces, ping and transaction...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangTest against go 1.8
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpgrade to Phoenix 4.9.0.
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangFix regex that parses error code and sql codes to accep...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangMove schema to DSN path so that it follows the same...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangUpdate version compatibility table for the 1.x series.
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd support for configuring the transaction isolation...
2017-08-11  Francis ChuangAdd schema support.