descriptionApache Cassandra Builds
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 30 Aug 2017 16:01:20 +0000 (11:01 -0500)
2017-08-30  Michael ShulerSet CCM_CONFIG_DIR within Jenkins WORKSPACE master
2017-08-24  Michael ShulerSet build retention to 50
2017-07-13  Michael ShulerSwitch to ASF r/o git mirror for cassandra-dtest
2017-06-28  Stefan PodkowinskiAdd package signing instructions
2017-06-19  Michael ShulerRemove specific OS distribution annotation from RPM...
2017-06-19  Michael ShulerFix tag parsing for tentative release tags
2017-05-17  Michael ShulerAllow concurrent builds on devbranch jobs
2017-05-16  Stefan PodkowinskiUnify version handling for docker based package building
2017-05-16  Stefan PodkowinskiParameterize settings in cassandra_job_dsl_seed.groovy
2017-05-02  Frank VissingAllow using git tag reference as build argument
2017-04-10  Michael ShulerFix comment on ant target trigger
2017-04-10  Michael ShulerDrop variation ant test targets to @weekly
2017-04-10  Michael ShulerRemove ccm cluster before attempting creation
2017-03-28  Michael ShulerRevert "Skip cassandra6,7 slaves until name resolution...
2017-03-23  Michael ShulerSkip cassandra6,7 slaves until name resolution is fixed
2017-03-23  Michael ShulerEnable dtest-large target jobs
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