descriptionApache Cassandra Builds
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 27 Sep 2022 13:07:51 +0000 (15:07 +0200)
4 days ago  Mick Semb WeverWhen cutting a release, and having built rpm noboolean... trunk
11 days ago  Brandon WilliamsForce resource intensive tests when generating splits
2022-08-25  Mick Semb Weverninja-fix remove backticks from string literal in email...
2022-08-18  Mick Semb Weverninja-fix fix typo in cassandra-release/
2022-08-16  Mick Semb WeverMove deb/rpm repositories from dist/downloads .a.o...
2022-08-15  Mick Semb Weverninja-fix `s/{$rpm_dist...
2022-08-12  Brandon Williamsremove /etc/ant.conf from docker image
2022-08-12  Brandon WilliamsAdd ant dep
2022-08-12  Brandon Williamsremove extra spaces
2022-08-12  Brandon WilliamsAdd missing space
2022-08-12  Brandon WilliamsAdd rpm dist type to docker build script
2022-08-12  Brandon WilliamsAdd noboolean rpm build to scripts
2022-08-12  Brandon WilliamsAdd centos7 docker image
2022-07-14  Mick Semb WeverIn add a pre-condition check that...
2022-06-20  Mick Semb WeverFix rpms getting uploaded to artifactory
2022-06-10  Mick Semb WeverFix retries for stage builds that do not throw failures 76/head
13 months ago apache/cassandra-testing-ubuntu2004-java11/latest
13 months ago apache/cassandra-testing-ubuntu2004-java11-w-dependencies/latest
4 days ago trunk
7 months ago cassandra-16630_ant_version_dockers