descriptionDistributed test suite for Apache Cassandra
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 7 Dec 2018 15:43:00 +0000 (15:43 +0000)
2 days ago  Sam TunnicliffeRemove use of TBinaryProtocolAccelerated master
2 days ago  Jay ZhuangAdd basic test for cassandra-stress
2018-10-19  Marcus ErikssonAdd basic tests for fqltool replay+compare
2018-10-16  Ariel Weisbergspeculative_write_policy renamed to additional_write_policy
2018-10-12  Alex PetrovAdd clause to test for node-local queries through Messa...
2018-10-11  Marcus ErikssonVerify that archiving audit + fql files work
2018-10-10  Stefan PodkowinskiMigrate to pytest 3.6 and fix Python 3 warnings
2018-10-08  Marcus Erikssonmake sure we don't depend on hard coded versions or...
2018-09-27  Alex PetrovAdjust error messages after CASSANDRA-14756
2018-09-26  Blake Egglestonskip TestRepair.test_dead_coordinator dtest in 4.0
2018-09-26  Marcus Erikssonalways enable tombstone validation exceptions during...
2018-09-25  Aleksey YeschenkoDESC order reads can fail to return the last Unfiltered...
2018-09-24  Sam TunnicliffeNinja fix default cluster config for versions < 4.0
2018-09-21  Blake EgglestonUpdating repair test for CASSANDRA-14763
2018-09-21  Marcus ErikssonAdd intial tests for CASSANDRA-14145
2018-09-18  Ariel WeisbergNinja fix, add @since('4.0') for transient replication...
2 days ago master