descriptionDistributed test suite for Apache Cassandra
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 21 Sep 2018 17:03:31 +0000 (10:03 -0700)
33 hours ago  Blake EgglestonUpdating repair test for CASSANDRA-14763 master
42 hours ago  Marcus ErikssonAdd intial tests for CASSANDRA-14145
4 days ago  Ariel WeisbergNinja fix, add @since('4.0') for transient replication...
5 days ago  Alex PetrovTransient Replication and Cheap Quorums tests
2018-09-01  Ariel WeisbergTransient Replication and Cheap Quorums, update existin...
2018-08-27  Stefan PodkowinskiFix @parametrize usage
2018-08-24  Blake Egglestonadd tests for CASSANDRA-14635
2018-08-24  Blake Egglestonadd tests for CASSANDRA-10726
2018-08-17  Jason BrownTest corrupting an internode messaging connection,...
2018-08-16  Zhao YangAdd test for CASSANDRA-14646: built_views entries are...
2018-08-13  Stefan PodkowinskiIncrease cl segment allocation check timeout
2018-08-10  Jay Zhuangtest_mutation_v5: test protocol version v5 since 4.0
2018-07-30  Jay ZhuangTestAuth: shutdown client before cluster stop
2018-07-30  Jay Zhuangpaging_test: use function to check protocol v5 support
2018-07-30  Marcus ErikssonMake sure we only have one sstable when running offline...
2018-07-30  Marcus ErikssonIgnore ohc error
33 hours ago master