descriptionApache Cassandra
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 27 Sep 2022 17:30:17 +0000 (19:30 +0200)
7 hours ago  Stefan Miklosovicadd --older-than and --older-than-timestamp options... trunk
25 hours ago  Mick Semb WeverMerge branch 'cassandra-4.1' into trunk
26 hours ago  Mick Semb WeverPrepare debian changelog for 4.1-beta1 cassandra-4.1 4.1-beta1-tentative
27 hours ago  Mick Semb WeverMerge branch 'cassandra-4.1' into trunk
27 hours ago  Mick Semb Weverincrement version to 4.1-beta1
28 hours ago  Stefan MiklosovicMerge branch 'cassandra-4.1' into trunk
29 hours ago  Stefan Miklosovicadd checkstyle modules for checking redundant and unuse...
30 hours ago  Josh McKenzieFix "open RT bound as its last item" exception
33 hours ago  Leonard MaHandle leak of non-standard Java types as clients using...
5 days ago  Claude Warren, JrDeprecate Throwables.propagate usage
5 days ago  Brad SchoeningRefactor internals of to cqlshlib
6 days ago  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-4.1' into trunk 1866/head
6 days ago  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-4.0' into cassandra-4.1
6 days ago  Brandon WilliamsMerge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into cassandra-4.0 cassandra-4.0
6 days ago  Brandon WilliamsSupress CVE-2022-25857 et al for snakeyaml cassandra-3.11
6 days ago  Claude Warren, JrAdd pull request template and modify README to include...
26 hours ago 4.1-beta1-tentative
4 weeks ago cassandra-4.0.6 Apache Cassandra 4.0.6 release
2 months ago cassandra-4.0.5 Apache Cassandra 4.0.5 release
4 months ago cassandra-4.1-alpha1 Apache Cassandra 4.1-alpha1 release
4 months ago cassandra-4.0.4 Apache Cassandra 4.0.4 release
4 months ago cassandra-3.11.13 Apache Cassandra 3.11.13 release
4 months ago cassandra-3.0.27 Apache Cassandra 3.0.27 release
7 months ago cassandra-4.0.3 Apache Cassandra 4.0.3 release
7 months ago cassandra-4.0.2 Apache Cassandra 4.0.2 release
7 months ago cassandra-3.11.12 Apache Cassandra 3.11.12 release
7 months ago cassandra-3.0.26 Apache Cassandra 3.0.26 release
12 months ago cassandra-4.0.1 Apache Cassandra 4.0.1 release
14 months ago cassandra-3.11.11 Apache Cassandra 3.11.11 release
14 months ago cassandra-3.0.25 Apache Cassandra 3.0.25 release
14 months ago cassandra-4.0.0 Apache Cassandra 4.0.0 release
14 months ago cassandra-4.0-rc2 Apache Cassandra 4.0-rc2 release
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