descriptionApache Cayenne Modeler UI
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 21 May 2017 12:40:34 +0000 (08:40 -0400)
9 days ago  mrgAdded remote change notifications enabled unit test. master
10 days ago  mrgAdded use shared object cache unit test.
10 days ago  mrgAdded size of object cache unit test.
10 days ago  mrgAdded validating objects unit test.
2017-04-11  mrgUpdated to latest Cayenne Milestone (M5)
2017-03-25  mrgUpdated paths to screenshot after DropBox disabled...
2017-03-25  mrgAdded Visual Studio Code settings file.
2017-01-16  mrgMoved sample model file to test resources.
2017-01-16  mrgCreated very basic unit test.
2017-01-16  mrgChanged the way the Injector is created.
2017-01-16  mrgUpdated JUnit vsersion.
2017-01-16  mrgUpdated to Milestone 4.
2017-01-07  mrgIncorporated NPE fix from Sarva Ratchagan.
2017-01-07  mrgUpdated and added documentation.
2017-01-03  mrgRemote Change Notifications updates.
2017-01-03  mrgSome TODO comments.
9 days ago master