2021-12-19  Michael GentryRefactoring and added comments. master
2021-12-19  Michael GentryVersion updates to make project run again.
2021-12-19  Michael GentrySpecify Java 11.
2021-12-19  Michael GentryJGroups testing.
2021-12-19  Michael GentryFor jEnv users, set Java version to 11.
2017-12-26  mrgChanges needed due to updating to the Cayenne 4.0 Beta.
2017-07-01  mrgAdded some initial right-click support in the project...
2017-06-08  mrgGeneralized more dispatch code.
2017-06-08  mrgRemoved unused selection callback.
2017-06-04  mgentryGeneralized more dispatch code.
2017-06-03  mrgFirst attempt at using generic bind/unbind mechanism.
2017-06-03  mrgUpdated interface to try and use more generic bind...
2017-06-03  mrgAdded logging for all property changes.
2017-06-03  mrgCleanup.
2017-06-03  mrgInitial additions for DataDomain's Remote Change Notifi...
2017-06-03  mrgRemoved deprecated file.
2017-06-02  mrgCreated UI/Model Binding.
2017-05-21  mrgAdded remote change notifications enabled unit test.
2017-05-20  mrgAdded use shared object cache unit test.
2017-05-20  mrgAdded size of object cache unit test.
2017-05-20  mrgAdded validating objects unit test.
2017-04-11  mrgUpdated to latest Cayenne Milestone (M5)
2017-03-25  mrgUpdated paths to screenshot after DropBox disabled...
2017-03-25  mrgAdded Visual Studio Code settings file.
2017-01-16  mrgMoved sample model file to test resources.
2017-01-16  mrgCreated very basic unit test.
2017-01-16  mrgChanged the way the Injector is created.
2017-01-16  mrgUpdated JUnit vsersion.
2017-01-16  mrgUpdated to Milestone 4.
2017-01-07  mrgIncorporated NPE fix from Sarva Ratchagan.
2017-01-07  mrgUpdated and added documentation.
2017-01-03  mrgRemote Change Notifications updates.
2017-01-03  mrgSome TODO comments.
2016-12-18  mrgUpdated Eclipse instructions.
2016-12-18  mrgUpdated README.
2016-12-06  mrgStreamlined binding methods and added JavaDoc.
2016-10-15  mrgInitial work on including Remote Change Notification...
2016-10-15  mrgChanged to use helper methods.
2016-10-15  mrgMore helper methods to make it easier to show/hide...
2016-10-15  mrgFormatting changes.
2016-10-12  mrgAdded initial dirty handling support via bound properties.
2016-10-11  mrgUpdated README.
2016-10-10  mrgExtracted constants.
2016-10-09  mrgAdded window closing stub.
2016-10-09  mrgAdded automatic enable/disable for Remote Change Notifi...
2016-10-09  mrgMore property adapter refactoring.
2016-10-09  mrgSwitched adapters to using convenience binding methods.
2016-10-09  mrgAdded Use Remote Change Notification to Data Domain.
2016-10-09  mrgAdded some boilerplate helper methods.
2016-10-09  mrgAdded Use Shared Cache to Data Domain.
2016-10-09  mrgAdded Object Cache Size to Data Domain.
2016-10-08  mrgSwitched some loops to streams.
2016-10-08  mrgSwitched detail view loading to be lazy, to speed up...
2016-10-08  mrgAdded code to prevent empty project tree selection.
2016-10-07  mrgRestored focus traversable and added ASF license header.
2016-10-06  mrgAdded New Window menu option and stopped opening two...
2016-10-03  mrgMinor updates to focus on TreeView instead of Search...
2016-10-02  mrgInitial crude shimming of Object Entity relationships...
2016-10-02  mrgRemoved Meta tab and prepared Relationships tab for...
2016-10-01  mrgFixed calling-order bug.
2016-10-01  mrgMethod name change.
2016-10-01  mrgRefactored the window/view layout mechanics to be more...
2016-10-01  mrgSet closable="false" on tabs.
2016-10-01  mrgAdded some initial Object Entity tool bar support and...
2016-09-30  mrgAdded ASF License.
2016-09-29  mrgRemoved JFXtras Labs dependency.
2016-09-29  Michael GentryJust adding a license file.
2016-09-27  mrgAdded Optimistic Locking and found a better way to...
2016-09-26  mrgAutomatically select row.
2016-09-26  mrgUpdated DatabaseEntityAdapter to valid Property Adapter...
2016-09-26  mrgUpdated DataDomainAdapter to valid Property Adapter...
2016-09-26  mrgUpdated DataMapAdapter to valid Property Adapter semantics.
2016-09-26  mrgUpdated DataNodeAdapter to valid Property Adapter seman...
2016-09-26  mrgUpdated ObjectEntityAdapter to valid Property Adapter...
2016-09-26  mrgFixed bug where table selection listener wasn't being...
2016-09-26  mrgAdded ObjectEntityAttributeAdapter, plus partially...
2016-09-26  mrgRemoved H2 and Commons Codec, added more recent Commons...
2016-09-22  mrgFixed Quote SQL Identifiers.
2016-09-22  mrgAdded some customized placeholder text.
2016-09-19  mrgAdded Schema Update Strategy values to DataNode Configu...
2016-09-18  mrgBound data node name, and a bit of parent component...
2016-09-18  mrgAdded password encoder UI layout.
2016-09-18  mrgAdded custom database adapter UI layout.
2016-09-17  mrgInitial DataNode views plus rudimentary editing.
2016-09-13  mrgSwitched System.out.println() to Log4J.
2016-09-12  mrgAdd DB Entity layout support into the project tree.
2016-09-08  mrgFixed issue where splash dialog didn't go away when...
2016-09-08  mrgAdded object entity end editing to fix issues.
2016-09-08  mrgWired up the abstract class property.
2016-09-08  mrgUpdated to make object entity detail editor show up...
2016-09-07  mrgA bit more refactoring and generalizing property access...
2016-09-06  mrgMore refactoring for property adapters, with some suppo...
2016-09-06  mrgRefactoring the project tree to use JavaFX bindings.
2016-09-05  mrgChanged call to use CayenneProjectManager.projectForPat...
2016-09-05  mrgAdded projectForPath().
2016-09-01  mrgInitial DataNode property adapter stub.
2016-08-24  mrgTrying to switch to property builders.
2016-08-22  mrgAdded ASF licenses.
2016-08-22  mrgSome refactoring.
2016-08-22  mrgFont changes.